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“Easy Computer Training That Actually Makes Sense!”

“Discover Worth Godwin’s Proven, Step-By-Step
Lessons That Truly Make Computers Easy

Just Sit Back and Watch As Your Computer Skills &
Confidence Skyrocket In A Few Easy Minutes a Day…

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Linda Costa, student
Las Vegas, NV

Worth uses plain English so you can understand what he’s teaching you, and he uses everyday examples.

When I first started using my computer… I was very unsure of it. I was reluctant to push any of the buttons, and I was afraid that what I might do would cause lots of problems.

Because of Worth’s video computer lessons I am now much more confident and secure. Worth’s computer training is for people just like me. People who are afraid to push buttons, afraid they’ll get in trouble with the computer.

After his course, I now know I can push buttons with confidence, and I know where the computer is going. It’s great!”


Dear Friend,

Do you ever find yourself frustrated by your computer?

Does it seem like your computer has a mind of its own and doesn’t do what you want it to do?

Does “technobabble” leave you confused and feeling like a dummy?

Have you ever worried you were going to break your computer or cause some kind of problem with it because you just don’t know enough about it?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, you need to understand something:

It’s not your fault!

So many people feel this way when it comes to computers, especially if they’re new to computers, or one of the many people who’ve struggled for years and just never really “got it.”

Most people who look for computer tutoring find expensive computer consultants who don’t speak their language, or inconvenient classes where the teacher talks too fast and you feel left behind.

Others make the mistake of asking their friends, neighbors, or family to help them, but just get taught bad habits and never learn the basics that make all the rest work.


It’s an unfortunate truth that there just aren’t a lot of good choices when it comes to learning computers.

But fortunately you can…

…discover a system that makes computers easy


Worth teaches basic computer skills with plain English computer training.

Worth Godwin
Makes Computers Easy




My name is Worth Godwin, and I’d like to make computers easy for you.

I’ve been helping people just like you with their computer problems for more than a decade and a half. In that time, through a lot of hard work on my part, and a lot of thought and care — I’ve figured out how to explain computers in a very simple, easy way.

I’ve developed a simple solution that can work for anyone, even so-called computer “dummies”; it’s as quick and easy as the click of a mouse, and far more affordable than expensive consultants.

I relate the complex and normally confusing terms to familiar things like a table, a rug, a car. Things that you can relate to and that make sense to anybody — even a so-called “computer dummy”!

I also learned how simplify things to bring it to your *current* level of understanding — helping you grasp what I’m talking about, even if you’re a beginner.

Understand — these easy lessons ELIMINATE “tech words” to a point where you discover that usually mysterious language becomes transformed into plain, everyday concepts we can all relate to — without ever talking down to you!


5 Common Ways People Make Computers More Difficult:

Peter Leach, student
Montcuq, France

“The lessons are superb
and so easy to understand – what a find!!”

“Before I had your lessons my introduction to computing was quite difficult and slow. With your lessons however, actually seeing things done on the screen in front of you was a eye opening experience which I wish I had had when I first started.

It was such a simple notion and what I find so remarkable is that you do not forget pictures as fast as words.

I have nothing but praise for you and your method. Thank you again for opening my eyes!”



  • You try to learn from someone you know like a neighbor, family member, or someone else who may seem like they understand computers, but who in reality doesn’t really know that much and ends up passing on misinformation, misunderstanding, and bad habits.

    It’s like a 16-year-old trying to get someone a few months older to teach them how to drive: not a good idea.
  • You sign up for classes, but end up feeling frustrated and like you’ve wasted your hard-earned money because the teacher goes at the pace of the fastest student, and you end up like most of the other students: left out and left behind.

  • You try to learn from a book, but it’d be so much easier if you could actually see what you’re supposed to do, and have someone help walk you through it.

  • You hire a computer consultant who probably knows what they’re talking about, but while they understand computers, they don’t understand the first thing about teaching.
    They talk in confusing technical terms that they can’t or won’t explain clearly, and often get impatient or annoyed with you when you don’t get it.

  • Because of the expense and other problems with consultants, you only hire them once in a while, and when you do, you want to cover a bunch of stuff in one long lesson to save money on repeat trips.

    But you end up wasting your money because you tried covering way too much in just one lesson, so most of it goes in one ear and out the other!

This is how almost everybody tries to learn — it’s no wonder even smart people feel like dummies sometimes when it comes to computers!

Remember: it’s not your fault; it’s because the game has been rigged against you — the usual ways people try to learn computers are almost designed to make you fail!

But it doesn’t have to be that way any more:

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Kevin Nakamaru, student
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA

“Before I had these lessons, I found myself feeling very frustrated and I didn’t like the computer.

I felt intimidated by how much it could do, and how little I could do

The simple, easy computer lessons helped me understand the little bits I needed to learn to make the whole thing a lot more enjoyable for myself.

The best part about learning is that it’s clear, simple, simply explained, and in terms that I understand.

The quick, easy lessons helps me to get done in a reasonable amount of time and move on with what I need to do.

They’ve really helped, and I really appreciate them for what they’ve done for me.”

Because of all of the problems with trying to learn computer basics from a consultant — the expense, the busy schedule, the need to have long computer coaching sessions, trying to cram too much into one lesson, as well as everything else I’ve just talked about…

I still couldn’t help people get really comfortable with computers and advance the way I wanted them to.

So I continued to study the problem, and was determined to find a solution. To find the solution, I had to go beyond the field of computers, and really crack open the secrets of how people think, how we learn, and how we easily master a skill.

Because as I’m sure you know, the people who have mastered a skill don’t worry about trying to be more confident, trying to feel more empowered, trying to be more comfortable… they just naturally become more confident, become more comfortable, become more empowered.

It doesn’t feel like an effort, because it isn’t: it’s just a natural, inevitable result. After years of searching, I did find a solution, I might go so far as to say THE solution, but before I reveal the solution, let me tell you about a couple of things that I learned along the way.

What I found is the perfect solution to the confusion and headaches so many people have with their computers is…

Easy video and audio computer lessons that let you watch, listen and learn with ease — seeing each step, each click of the mouse, while hearing simple step-by-step instructions in plain English

Now I know I’m not the first person to come up with video lessons as a way to improve your computer skills and confidence — but there’s more to it than that!



Tom Dilulo, student
Mohnton, Pennsylvania, USA

“Hi Worth…

I have been listening and watching your lessons and I think they are fantastic.

I can’t wait to get your e-mails to learn something new.

I have both course modules you sent me but is there any others you have to offer?

Thank you for putting this program together, it the only lesson I have ever listened to that I can actually say I understand. Thanks again!”

For this to really work, and to deliver astonishing results in almost the blink of an eye, you have to have all the right elements.

Based on my over a decade and a half working with people with computer challenges, as well as my exhaustive study of the best teaching methods, I discovered 10 critical elements that all had to be there for a system that truly works, and truly makes computer easy.

Armed with this knowledge, I slaved away for many long hours, making my family worried for my health and sanity, barely taking a break for over 18 months to create the perfect solution, working with many of my clients to test and make sure that…

…this system works in the real world for real people just like you, even if you barely know how to turn on the computer!

The secret I discovered is that to truly get good at computers,
you MUST have ALL of the following TEN elements…

  • 1 – Video lessons that show you the steps — freeing you to just sit back and watch, see how it’s done, and then easily do it yourself

  • 2 – The ability to pause, rewind, and rewatch the lesson at any time

  • 3 – Lessons recorded by an actual educator; someone who doesn’t only know the subject, but someone who actually knows how to teach too

  • 4 – Simple explanations in everyday, plain English. Explanations that translate the “computer world” terms into simple ideas, comparing them to common, everyday items that everyone can relate to — explanations anyone can grasp

  • 5 – Step-by-step instructions that are at the right level for where you are, that can make it easy to move beyond the level where you used to be — to a place where it all starts to come more naturally, with confidence and ease

  • 6 – QUICK & EASY computer lessons — no more than 30 minutes each, with most only 5-10 minutes long, so it’s easy to remember everything

  • 7 – The ability to go through the lessons in a 1-2-3 order, or just “browse” and enjoy them in any order

  • 8 – A no-pressure environment where you can just relax and enjoy the process as you naturally become more confident and empowered

  • 9 – New lessons on a regular basis — some covering new topics, some updating you on what’s changed (since we all know how fast things change in the world of computers!) so you don’t end up left behind

  • 10 – Repetition of ideas (either in the same lesson, or as a thread that weaves through more than one lesson) so you can start to tie it all together, and see the big picture

Because when you can see the big picture, all the little details seem to just naturally start to fall into place

And what you’ll find is that when you have all of these elements, and they are all working together, it really makes computers easy.

I saw my students begin to discover amazing leaps in their confidence and how empowered they felt around their computers… And it was so easy!

Not only do you get my easy courses that make learning computers as easy as falling off a log, but you can also gain instant access to a private, members-only area of my website with a growing library of easy, Plain English audio and video lessons…

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Teresa Welsh, student

Olympia, Washington, USA

“Dear Worth,

Let me first say that I received my course and let me tell you how much I like your lessons!

What I like the most is that I can actually follow what you are doing by opening the same programs on my computer and following along step by step. That is really cool!

When I first purchased my computer, I bought a Professor Teaches computer tutorial… your lessons are a vast improvement in my opinion.

Plus your lessons are extremely informative as to the whys and whens I would want to do things.

One last thing is when I first started watching the lessons I thought I knew certain lessons already, but I thought I’d watch them anyways, and I learned something important or beneficial that I had NOT known before!

I picked up several tips and FYI’s even in the areas I thought I had down pretty good! (that’s what I get for thinking! ha ha!)

And that’s REALLY COOL!”

Access to my computer training material on my site includes…

  • Instant access to special password-protected, members-only area of this website where you access your lessons and can start learning within moments after your order

  • Dozens of invaluable tips that will have you dodging common and costly computer blunders with ease, saving you money and stress

  • A library of dozens of hours of easy audio lessons where I answer common computer questions from people just like you

  • How to safely remove files from your computer without accidentally causing unexpected problems

  • Newfound computer confidence that puts the fear behind you

  • Quick, easy step-by-step video lessons for either your Windows PC or your Apple Mac (your choice) that let you actually see each step and click of the mouse, all while hearing my voice coming from your speakers making sense of it all in my simple, easy to understand way

  • An easy combination of audio and video lessons that demystify computers in a way you’ve never experienced before

  • Simple explanations of basic computer concepts, basic computer skills, and answers to your questions.

  • Freedom to actually see the steps with easy video lessons where you can literally *sit back and watch* step by step how it all works

My simple system is just like having me sit next to you, patiently pointing out each step on your screen, hearing my voice come from your speakers, explaining everything in plain English.


Jerry Miki, student
Kailua Kona, Hawaii, USA

I bumbled along all these years fighting the computer and cursing it. So I tried a course — we were in a class of about 15 to 20 students.

The teacher would be giving instructions and she’d be going so fast because she had so much to cover that we missed a lot of it.

After four weeks I didn’t end up with any more knowledge than I had before I even started the course.

But now, with Worth Godwin’s tutorials, I find the computer is a lot easier to work with.”

You get easy basic computer tutorials — including basic computer skills that many people never learn — skills that make everything else far easier!

All presented in a way that takes all of the confusion and complexity out of learning your computer, letting you just sit back and see how it’s done in just a few easy minutes.

These lessons can be watched in order, or you can instantly jump to the lesson you want to watch with the click of a mouse. It’s almost like having an expert computer consultant in a box ready to take your hand and lead you through it any time of the day or night.

So you get all of this for a fraction of what you’d pay a consultant, and designed to make it far easier than you ever would have thought possible.

I’ve spent years learning to be a better teacher,
and paying attention to the latest scientific studies on
how the human mind works and how we learn best;
I’ve put all of this into the way I designed my lessons.

“My name is Gina Eveland, and I’m retired from teaching.

It’s easier for me to understand a lesson that Worth gives because he uses analogies I can relate to.

With each lesson, I felt better about what I was doing on the computer.

So I feel much more comfortable about the computer.”

An easy computer course. Clear explanations, easy to learn computer basics.

Gina Eveland, student
Kailua Kona, Hawaii

These amazing lessons let you sit back and learn, seeing each step, each click of the mouse, all while hearing my voice explain everything in plain English!

And the best part is, most lessons are just 5-10 minutes long each, so it’s quick and easy to find the time and to easily remember it all without getting overwhelmed like can happen so easily with consultants.

You can easily use my computer training in two different ways:

Either go through the lessons in order, from first to last, using it like a course to learn the basics of the computer

— OR —

Use it if you’re stuck, or you’ve forgotten how to do something — just sign into the website, click the lesson you want, and instantly see exactly what the steps are…

Almost like having your own “consultant in a box” or a magic genie of computer knowledge!


If you made the mistake of hiring an expensive consultant, you’d pay a $177 or more to get just one lesson (since most charge travel time which can be as much as your visit!).

With a consultant you’d have to pay a second time to get the lesson again when you need the inevitable reminders.

With my system, you can watch as many times as you need to really get it

Elisha Southworth
Captain Cook, Hawaii

Worth, you are doing such a great job of easing people (like me) into computerism!

I have had over one year of your wonderful support, I have quite a handy repertory of ‘how-to’ out of my membership.”

Here’s a short list of a just a few of the dozens and dozens of quick, easy computer lessons you can gain exclusive access to once you invest in my guaranteed easy system to learn computers:

  • Dozens of invaluable tips that will have you dodging common and costly computer blunders with ease, saving you money and stress

  • Over 14 easy explanations of computer terms that are so simple that anyone can understand them in a flash — finally feel really comfortable because you actually understand the computer

  • How to safely remove files from your computer without accidentally causing unexpected problems

  • How to make your computer run faster with just a few simple steps

  • Discover how to organize your files and make finding and using them easier than ever before

  • A simple secret that makes the computer easier and faster to use, which everyone *should* know, but a shocking number of people don’t

  • Dealing with email attachments (sending and receiving)

  • Downloading files

  • How to find out if you’re dangerously low on drive space (and risking losing files through ignorance)

  • Installing programs

  • How to eliminate basic problems like computer freezes, crashes, and more

  • Working with pictures

  • Sharing photos and more with your friends and family

  • How to have computer confidence that puts the fear behind you

apple mac courses
order Microsoft Windows courses

So what’s the catch?

Why am I almost giving away all of this valuable knowledge?

It’s simple.

For one thing, I’m not a giant faceless corporation with a huge overhead — I’m just a regular guy who happens to be skilled at computers, and skilled at teaching, who wants to share his gifts and make a decent living.

I’ve been helping people with computers for a long time, and frankly I’m tired of driving around all day, skipping lunch because I don’t have time to stop between appointments, getting home at 9PM after driving an hour from my last appointment and then having to make dinner!

And besides, I know that if I “give away the store”, I can reach more people, and once you’ve tried my easy lessons, you’ll choose to stay a loyal client for a long time.

If you’re still frustrated by computers, I can help you. All you need to do is take advantage of this amazing offer while it lasts.

Remember, my simple system offers you…

  • Quick, easy lessons of just a few minutes long that you can fit in even with today’s busy and hectic lifestyle

  • An affordable price that is a *tiny fraction* of what those pricey consultants and confusing classes cost

  • The ability to easily go back and re-do a lesson, jumping quickly right to the information you need, when you need it.

  • Plain English explanations that actually make sense!

  • Being able to see what I’m talking about, seeing each step, so you can easily go and do it yourself when you’re ready

  • The ability to pause, rewind, and rewatch with ease — never miss an important step, or feel left behind by a teacher who’s rushing ahead at lightning speed

  • Comfortable, no-pressure environment where nobody’s talking down to you or making you feel like a dummy — finally feel comfortable using the computer!


I’m practically giving away these valuable, easy lessons so you have a chance to find out for yourself all the reasons you’ll be glad you got them — and I’m so confident you’ll be blown away by how much better my lessons are than anything else you’ve ever tried

Click the video below for testimonials from happy students:

Do yourself a favor right now and make your life easier. Take advantage of this offer while it lasts, and get your copy of these easy computer training courses right now before the price goes up.

You can get a huge pile of lessons covering computer basics and more for either Apple Mac or Windows PCs.

Lessons I promise will be explained in an easy, step-by-step way that will actually make sense to you — even if you are an incredibly basic computer user who can barely turn the computer on!

Once you have them and have had a chance to enjoy them, you’ll be thrilled that you made the right decision.


Worth Godwin's easy computer training CDs for Mac or Windows

P.S. — Personally, if you’re a person who has always struggled with the basic skills needed to truly use the computer correctly, or just want to skyrocket how confident and empowered you feel with computers, I can’t understand why you wouldn’t want to grab this opportunity right now.

apple mac courses
order Microsoft Windows courses

“When I thought I was in danger of of losing my membership, I emailed Worth and said:

I certainly don’t want to loose my membership in this program — IT IS INVALUABLE.’

That says it all, but let me be more specific:

In order for me to do something I really wanted to do, I had to pass a “computer competency test”.

After exhausting the possible sources of help — from a friend; from a computer specialist (what a joke); from a printed course — I found Worth through a Google search.

‘ What do I have to lose’ changed quickly to ‘LOOK WHAT I’VE FOUND!’

What do I like best about this program? It’s hard to choose, but the prompt and informative response to problems has to be number one.

But don’t forget the monthly call in’s where your computer questions are answered simply and clearly.

He’s answered mine!”

Anne Kichar Tolland, Connecticut, USA

“I was somewhat computer literate before using your material but was leery about clicking on things I wasn’t sure about.

You gave me the know how to experiment and to use applications with extreme confidence and also peaked my curiosity to learn more.

Thanks to your instructions, I have no fear of computers and I was able to go on and now enjoy working in the IT field.

Again I want to thank you for your easy lessons.

As you can see from my photo below, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

John Joseph Pettingell, student
Chelsea, MA, USA


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