What is a Router & a Modem in Plain English Video Lesson

In this easy video lesson I answer the questions what is a router and what is a broadband modem in Plain English, while also showing you the steps to hook your router up to your cable or DSL modem so you can get your desktop or laptop computer on the Internet.

Once you see and hear this simple explanation of these computer terms and concepts, you’ll find these important devices we all use these days will make more sense than they did before. 

If you liked this lesson, you may want to watch the second half where I show you some basic troubleshooting steps which can help fix a common type of Internet problem.  I’ll post this in the next day or two and will add a link to the video at that time.

Update: You can watch the second part of this lesson by clicking the following link: How to Reset Your Modem & Router to Solve a Common Internet Problem