How to Facebook Privacy Settings Video Lesson

If you’ve been a student of mine for a while, you know I am very big on personal privacy and security issues and talk a lot about the importance of being careful about what you say and do online as it creates a permanent record that is shared with absolutely anybody and everybody who has an Internet connection.

I’m sure you’re aware that Facebook is an immensely popular social networking website and hundreds of millions of people use the service. However, what not everyone realizes (or thinks about) is that while the site can be a great way to connect with other people, there is a giant corporation behind it who absolutely does not have your personal interests in mind.

This has become increasingly obvious in recent months as Facebook has been making changes it claims are for your benefit, but these changes show a complete disregard for personal privacy by automatically setting your account to share everything it can with the entire world, while also allowing people you may not even know to not only see this personal information but share it with strangers without your permission.

To make matters worse, Facebook has deliberately made changing these settings to give you more privacy more confusing than they need to — in hopes of taking advantage of lazy or inexperienced computer users.

Well, I don’t think they should be able to take advantage of people in that way, so I’ve posted this step-by-step video lesson which shows you how to fix your Facebook privacy settings so you can protect yourself. 

The video is about 14 minutes long and not just shows you the steps, but helps you understand what the different settings mean and how they affect your privacy and security.