How to Cut, Copy & Paste – Plain English Video Training

In the 20 years I’ve been helping people with computers as a professional, I’ve found that a majority of people — even ones who have been using the computer for years — have huge gaps in their basic computer skills and as a result are making using the computer much harder for themselves than it has to be.

One of the basic skills I see people commonly have missed out on learning is how to cut, copy and paste — this is a very simple thing to do and can be such a huge time saver.

To help make computers easy for you, I’ve prepared this Plain English video training which will help you understand what cut, copy and paste mean, and it shows you the steps of how to cut and paste.

Watch the video lesson above and you’ll finally know how to do this even if you’re a real basic computer user.

If you want to learn more, click one of the following two buttons:

Microsoft Windows computer basics course

Apple Mac Basics video course

Did this lesson help? I hope it did. You deserve to have the ability to use your computer confidently, and learning the basic skills is the way to empower yourself to do so.