How to Get My Computer Training Audio & Videos Via iTunes

(scroll down for video lesson)

I’ve been meaning to write a post mentioning that I’ve set up my site to automatically add the majority of audio and video computer training which I post to this blog to my podcast, and show you how you can subscribe for free.

Podcasts, for those who don’t know, is a portmanteau (that’s the fancy way of saying ‘squishing two words together’) of ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’. They can be listened to not just on a computer, but also on iPods and other similar MP3 players, and you can have them delivered to you automatically.

Over time, podcasts have evolved into many different styles of audio program, and there are even video podcasts (or “vodcasts”). I actually set up a podcast and published a few episodes way back in 2006, but dropped the project because at the time I didn’t have an easy way to keep updating it and just had too much on my plate.

However, I recently added a plugin to this site which lets me update the podcast automatically, and I’ll be posting lessons to it pretty regularly now, so it seems like a good time to let you know how to subscribe and have a selection of my lessons delivered directly to your computer via iTunes. This way you can watch or listen on the go with an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or on your computer if you prefer.

I recorded a new video lesson to show you how to do this, which you should be able so see below. Note: you can adjust the volume using the little slider at the bottom of the video player, and make the video full screen using the square button in the lower right corner of the video during playback.

If you want to learn more about using iTunes, I do have a 2-disc set of lessons which go into the basics of iTunes, more in-depth on podcasts, managing your music and much more. Use the following links to learn more about my easy video lesson CDs on iTunes.

Click one of the following links depending on the type of computer you use:

Training CDs – How to use iTunes for Windows

Training CDs – How to use iTunes for Mac