Computer Question: Why Microsoft Office Won’t Print

I heard from a reader named Phyllis who wrote with the question: “Could you please tell me why I can’t print from Microsoft Office?” In this audio computer lesson I answer the question based on what information I’m given. Chances are, this is caused by using a “trail version” of MS Office (which includes the programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). A trial version of Microsoft Office is often included with new computers, but some critical features have been disabled until you pay for it. Listen to the entire audio computer question and answer lesson to hear what I have to say about this, including a tip on getting a 100% free alternative to Microsoft Office and save hundreds of dollars when you do. For more help with Microsoft Word, use the links below (one for Windows PCs, the other for Apple Mac) Learn how to use Microsoft Word course for Windows or Learn how to use Microsoft Word course for Apple Mac