How to Undo Computer Mistakes in Microsoft Windows

The intro before the step-by-step part of the video is important for people to watch if they are computer challenged and need the extra help, but if you want, you can jump to the step-by-step part of the video by fast-forwarding to about 3:25 (depending on your Internet connection speed you may need to wait a few moments before you can do this). Note: This is the Windows version of this lesson. There is also an Apple Mac version — if you’re subscribed to my podcast you should get both versions automatically, but if you have a Mac and you’re watching this on my website, you’ll want to click the following link to read: How to Undo Computer Mistakes in Apple Mac OS X In the over fifteen years I’ve been working as a professional to make computers easy for people, I’ve noticed a lot of things about the people I worked with as well as people I just ran across in my day to day life.  Many many computer users, no matter how bright they are, have a fear of causing problems on their computer by making a mistake. I think this is understandable, and I try to encourage people to not let fear of making mistakes paralyze you and keep you from moving forward. If you don’t try new things, you never progress. I recorded this video lesson to help give you some words of encouragement and remind you that you can do it, even if you’ve always felt afraid of moving forward.   I also included steps on how to undo computer mistakes using the “undo” command. While many people are aware of how this works, many more are not.  And the people who do know about it, don’t always realize you can use it in as many areas as you can, especially missing out on the fact that it can be a real lifesaver when working with files and folders on your computer. In this easy video lesson I not only explain how to undo in Plain English, but show you two different examples of how you can use it to reverse common types of computer mistakes.  Will it solve every problem magically in every circumstance? Of course not, but it is a powerful but very simple tool you can use to empower yourself with one of the basic skills everyone should know when using their computer. Want to learn the fundamental computer skills that make the rest easy? Take a look at my easy video lesson CDs. I have a simple computer course covering exactly those basic skills that empower you with the confidence you deserve: Windows Basics Fundamental Skills