Writers – How to Publish Your Book With Smashwords

One of the best things about computers, technology and the modern world is the way that it causes monumental shifts of power to individual people and away from the traditional centers of power, which tended to be wealthy and powerful companies.

You can see this happening in many areas — people being able to use their home computers to make movies and distribute them on YouTube or other video sharing sites, people using online session musicians to help them create their music and then publishing their album via CDBaby, are just a couple of examples. 

This allows artists to keep greater control and ownership of what they create as well as giving the potential for a much larger share of the profits. The print publishing world is going through a similar change and one of the big players is a small company called Smashwords, who I’ve just recently started using myself to publish my new book (available in Apple’s iBooks store and elsewhere).

If you’re a writer or know someone who is, you can use the slideshow below to learn more about how Smashwords works and use the links on the last slide for more info. It doesn’t cost you a penny to publish your book, you get to set the price, and you keep more of the money from each sale than you ever would if you went through a traditional publishing house.