Computer Question About How To Find And Work With Pictures on Your Computer

Today I want to answer another computer question, this one coming from Leslie G. who writes:
“Dear Mr. Godwin, I have been enjoying and learning a lot from you, I wonder if you can help me. I used to be a very good photographer.  Not a pro but I liked taking pictures.
I would love to mess around with photography on the computer but I lose my pictures once I put them from my camera to the computer, plus I seem to have to download all my pictures all over again every time which is probably taking up a lot of my space somewhere.
Do you know a simple process that I can follow so I can find where my pictures are and then play with cropping and stuff? And also I’d love to be able to erase all the duplicate videos and pix that are on my computer.”

If you need more step-by-step help with working with photos on your Mac or Windows computer, take use one of the following links to learn more about these easy video lesson courses that cover easy programs for working with pictures: How to Use Picasa – Course for Microsoft Windows or How to Use iPhoto – Course for Apple Mac