Four Basic Computer Training Kindle Books Available on Amazon

I’m happy to announce that the first four of a series of books covering computer basics and online privacy & security advice are now available to order from (and on the overseas “local branches” of Amazon) for Kindle. You can see cover images and titles for the books – clicking them will take you to Amazon where you can order them and have them instantly delivered to you. [one_half]

How to Prevent Computer Problems by Avoiding 6 Hidden Dangers to Your Computer & Other Electronics

How to Prevent Computer Problems

How to Back Up Your Computer ebook

How to Back Up Your Computer

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What Is a Safe Password and More Internet Privacy & Security Tips - Explained in Plain English

What is A Safe Password

What is the Internet Basic Computer Terms & Concepts

What is the Internet (Internet Basics)

[/one_half_last] Kindle books are electronic books you can read not only on Kindle devices sold by Amazon, but they can also be read on free software available for Windows, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and many other devices. You can view my author profile and always see the most current list of books with this link: Worth Godwin Computer Training on Amazon. I have three more Kindle books I plan to publish later this month, and I’ll also be making all of the books (as well as future ones) available not only on Kindle but on Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble Nook, etc. I’ll post updates here when they become available.