How to Use Tabbed Browsing To Make Computers Easier


This is one of my earliest video lessons, recorded back in 2006, which I just edited and updated slightly. It’s part of my Safe & Easy Internet course, and (aside from references to shopping for DVD Players) has helpful tips that still apply just as much today as they did when I first recorded the lesson, and will be helpful for years to come.

Tabbed browsing is something that anybody can do, but which most people don’t know about (or if they’ve heard of it, they often don’t understand how it can make your life easier).

This video lesson explains what tabs are (think tabs on manila folders in a filing cabinet) and what tabbed browsing is.  Tabbed browsing can be used to help you use search engines like Google more effectively, as well as make it easier to do things like comparison shopping online.  Watch the video and you’ll understand this better than you did before.