Question: Lessons for How to Use Android Devices

Do you have lessons for a 7inch Android mini computer?
Thank you,
Dora Fowler

Hi Dora,
  I’m sorry, I don’t do lessons on Android at this point. The problem is that there are many different companies making Android devices, but each one works very differently than the other and so I’d pretty much literally have to buy one of every single make and model on the market and record specific lessons for each one.  

  I actually recommend people avoid getting Android devices for this very reason unless they are pretty tech-savvy and don’t need help. Not only will getting one make it more difficult to find lessons, you will also not be able to get much help from friends and family unless they have the *exact same* make and model as you. 

  Not to mention that friends and family more often pass on misinformation than good information about computers and technology, but that’s a separate issue.  :)

  The one qualifier on what I’ve said above is Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets — I don’t have lessons for them yet, but it looks like they’re going to be one of the biggest Android device makers, and they should have more consistency from one model to the next.

  Because of this, I’m strongly considering making lessons on Kindle Fire starting next year.  If I do, I’ll be sure to mention it to everyone on my newsletter.

  Currently, however, I have lessons for both Windows and Mac computers available here on my website. Those people who want to learn how to use iPhones or iPads can get lessons for those devices by searching for Worth Godwin (my name) in the App Store, or use the direct links at the bottom of this page.

   I hope that helps, and makes sense.