Computer Question – What Does it Mean When Your Computer Keeps Beeping When You Turn it On

In this latest computer question and answer audio lesson, I answer a short question from a subscriber named Rabah Benarous, who writes:

“Worth A friend of mine has a problem with her first Mac – the problem is when she turns the computer on and 3 beeps sound constantly.

Can you please help? Thanks in advance for the great videos I learn from you a lot.”

Unfortunately, when a computer (Apple Mac or Windows PC) beeps like this, it’s not a good sign — it normally means there is a hardware problem, i.e. a physical part has gone bad and needs to be replaced. In this particular case, it sounds like it’s probably RAM, which is fortunately pretty inexpensive these days.

Listen to the audio lesson for my full response.

One thing I forgot to mention in the audio lesson is that if this problem happens when the computer is still under warranty (or Applecare extended warranty) the repair should be covered by the warranty and so won’t cost anything.

Again, if it’s only RAM, it shouldn’t be too pricey even outside of warranty.