Video – The Parallels Between Traditional Wampum and Bitcoin

In this video I want to talk a little about a cryptocurrency I discovered a little while ago called Wampum or Wampumcoin

 This video continues my series of videos on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Basics Explained for Non-Technical People

 I think that in many ways, Wampum (in particular, Wampum belts) used traditionally in Native American cultures has many parallels to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, including specifically to the blockchain technology that is the core of crypto.

Indulge me for a moment while I wax enthusiastic about the idea of Wampum as a cryptocurrency; why I’m personally enthusiastic about it – not just because of my Native American ancestry, but also for the parallels I see between ancient Wampum belts and modern technology.

You can find out more about Wampumcoin on the official website:, and you can read more about traditional Wampum belts including the Hiawatha Belt I featured in the video in this Wikipedia article.

If you’re interested in Wampumcoin, someone is selling a lot of it for almost nothing at the moment here on Comkort – note: I do have a small amount of the currency for sale on the exchange, but none of the really cheap stuff is mine since I don’t like “dumping” coins.

I will likely be doing some kind of Wampumcoin giveaway in the future. I’ll post about it here if or when I do.