How to Get BitSeeds With a Free Account on Bittrex Exchange


Before we take a look at an overview of the wallet application running on your computer, I thought I’d record and post another video which takes a few minutes to show you how to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange called Bittrex. 

A cryptocurrency exchange allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin and altcoins including BitSeeds. Bittrex is my personal favorite exchange and it’s the official exchange for BitSeeds.  Watch the video to see how to sign up (just takes an email address and password) and then you can click to visit Bittrex yourself.

Setting up an account there is not mandatory but it gives you an alternative way to receive BitSeeds and you can buy them there as well if you’d like. At the time I write this, BitSeeds does not have a mobile wallet app (that should become available in 2016) so this is one way for mobile users on smartphones or tablets to be able to use BitSeeds.