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How to Use the Address Book in a BitSeeds or Bitcoin Wallet

 Whenever you send BitSeeds to someone, their address and the label you gave it is saved automatically for you in the address book, much like an email program. 

This video takes a quick look at the address book giving you a couple of tips to make things easier for you when using a crypto wallet.

How to Install BitSeeds on a Mac and Run It for the First Time

How to Install the Wallet on OS X:

Running the BitSeeds wallet for the first time on a Mac:

These two videos show you the steps to installing the free wallet application so you can send and receive the Rainforest Foundation’s cryptocurrency from your Mac. 

The first video shows you the actual installation steps, while the second shows you a couple of quick additional steps you might have to take the first time you run the program. 

In the next video I’ll post, we’ll take a look at an overview of the wallet application and continue from there. [Click for full post]

How to Cut Copy and Paste Tutorials

Learn How to Cut, Copy, and Paste on Windows, Mac, and Mobile

Learning how to copy and paste on a computer and on a mobile device like a smartphone (Apple iPhone or Android) or tablet device (Apple iPad or Android tablet) is a key fundamental skill a surprising number of people never learn.  I’ve recorded a new and updated version of an older lesson teaching these important skills and concepts.  I split it into two videos you can see below.

Part 1: Copying, Pasting, and the Clipboard – Terms and Concepts

Part 2: Copying and Pasting Step-By-Step on Windows, Mac, and Mobile devices [Click for full post]

how to order computer courses

How to Register, Place an Order, and Use This Site

Because so many people have asked for help with this, I’ve recorded a video that walks you through the entire process of placing an order for any of my easy computer courses.

It starts with a quick recap of the registration process (a free account is needed for viewing the courses), then shows you the Member Area where you access the lessons. 

The video continues by showing you how to select a course, add it to your cart, apply a coupon code for a discount, and concludes with checking out to complete your order. [Click for full post]

Computer Question About Where to Start if You Want a Career in Computers

A question & answer audio from the archive about where to start when you want a career in computers?

Note: this is an older recording and references a different website I used to use for my member area, and CDs, which I no longer sell (all lessons now being online through this website).

“Hi There Worth, I’m Errol I’ve joined up as a gold member.

In September I started college wishing to learn computer upgrade/maintenance the course also covers system support as well as networking. [Click for full post]

A Non-Technical Explanation of The Cloud and Apple’s iCloud

I’ve had a lot of people ask me to explain what “the Cloud” is, and whether it’s the same as Apple’s iCloud service. They also wanted to get a better understanding of what iCloud does, and why they’d want to use it.

This audio lesson explains both the Cloud and more specifically iCloud (which is Apple’s own cloud service) and an overview of how it works — it’s not just for iPhone and iPad, but also for both Windows and Mac computers.

Click the play button to have a listen: [Click for full post]

What is a File vs What is a Folder – Explained in Non-Technical Terms

I recorded this video a couple of years ago in answer to a question sent in by a Gold Club member who wanted to know what files and folders actually are.  In the case of that particular student, they had no real idea what either term meant.

This is understandable because people commonly misuse the two terms.  In some cases I think they know better but are being a little sloppy in their choice of words, but a lot of people really don’t get the distinction between the two.

Like a lot of tech words, they actually do make sense once they’re explained right. The video shows you a simple way to understand the difference between file and folder that should help them both make more sense so you can use them correctly. [Click for full post]

Answering Garageband Question

A student named Gerald Smith wrote me with a question about the Apple Mac program Garageband.  He wrote:

“I have been having trouble with making a podcast.Everything seems to be alright but the bar with the start record button on it does not appear.I would appreciate it if you could tell me what I am not doing right or what I am doing wrong.GS”

Hi Gerald, I took a look at Garageband and can’t see any way to hide that toolbar — often these things are located in the View menu, but not in this case as far as I can see.

I’m not sure what version of Garageband and what version of Mac OS X you’re running, but I wonder if maybe you’re using an older version of Garageband and haven’t updated it to keep it “even” with the version of Mac OS X you’re running (this sometimes causes bugs to appear, and this could be a bug). [Click for full post]

Simple Computer Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Computer users have a wide range of experience and levels of understanding of their computers. The great majority of users have just learned the most basic features of a few of the thousands of programs out there.

It really can be a help for you to learn computer basics that you may have been taught. But that’s nothing to be ashamed of — even the most advanced computer user was at that level at some point, myself included.

Even if you’re just using your computer for word processing, learning a few simple skills can make your life a lot easier. [Click for full post]

Learn Computer Basics & More With New iPhone & iPad App

I’m very happy to announce the release of my new app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad – Basic Computer Training & Tips iOS app:

Learn Computer Basics & More on iPhone or iPad Computer Training AppThe app includes hours of my quick & easy video and audio computer lessons that teach you basic computer terms and show you step-by-step how to use the computer in Plain English. This only came out today, but in future versions I plan to make many more of my lessons available, but this is just version 1.0 – got to start somewhere! In addition to the lessons in the app, you can submit a computer question to me directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and you can also find links (and bonus free lessons from)  my computer training audio albums that are available on iTunes. I’ve recorded a tour of the app which I’ll post separately. If you have friends or family with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, please share this page with them with the share buttons above or below this post!