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How to Get BitSeeds With a Free Account on Bittrex Exchange


Before we take a look at an overview of the wallet application running on your computer, I thought I’d record and post another video which takes a few minutes to show you how to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange called Bittrex. 

A cryptocurrency exchange allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin and altcoins including BitSeeds. Bittrex is my personal favorite exchange and it’s the official exchange for BitSeeds.  Watch the video to see how to sign up (just takes an email address and password) and then you can click to visit Bittrex yourself. [Click for full post]

how to order computer courses

How to Register, Place an Order, and Use This Site

Because so many people have asked for help with this, I’ve recorded a video that walks you through the entire process of placing an order for any of my easy computer courses.

It starts with a quick recap of the registration process (a free account is needed for viewing the courses), then shows you the Member Area where you access the lessons. 

The video continues by showing you how to select a course, add it to your cart, apply a coupon code for a discount, and concludes with checking out to complete your order. [Click for full post]

device driver update example

What is a Driver and Should You Pay to Update Them

This is an older video of mine I first recorded back in 2008 which explains the often-misunderstood computer term “driver” or “device driver” in non-technical language.  While I’m at it, I also make sure you understand the related terms “software” and “hardware.”

I recently was sent an email by a new student named Marcos who had seen this video and had a follow-up question I wanted to answer.  Marcos wrote:

“Now that you’ve cleared up what drivers are — (thanks!)  why do I need to update them?  [Click for full post]

Computer Question About Where to Start if You Want a Career in Computers

A question & answer audio from the archive about where to start when you want a career in computers?

Note: this is an older recording and references a different website I used to use for my member area, and CDs, which I no longer sell (all lessons now being online through this website).

“Hi There Worth, I’m Errol I’ve joined up as a gold member.

In September I started college wishing to learn computer upgrade/maintenance the course also covers system support as well as networking. [Click for full post]

How to Use Tabbed Browsing To Make Computers Easier

This is one of my earliest video lessons, recorded back in 2006, which I just edited and updated slightly. It’s part of my Safe & Easy Internet course, and (aside from references to shopping for DVD Players) has helpful tips that still apply just as much today as they did when I first recorded the lesson, and will be helpful for years to come.

Tabbed browsing is something that anybody can do, but which most people don’t know about (or if they’ve heard of it, they often don’t understand how it can make your life easier). [Click for full post]

Overview of How Computers Work Explained in Simple Terms

In this audio lesson I’m going to take a number of the simple explanations for specific computer terms which I’ve used over the years and tie them all together to help you better understand how the computer works.

Just about everything I mention here also applies to any kind of computing device including smartphones like the iPhone, or tablet computers like the iPad.

In this easy audio computer lesson you’ll learn and finally understand the following things:

Definition of Delete vs Cancel – Two Commonly Confused Computer Terms

In this article, I want to talk a little bit about two computer terms that I see people confusing or demonstrating that they don’t understand completely.  People often use the two interchangeably or consistently use the wrong one.

These two terms are “cancel” and “delete.”

Let’s start with “delete.” To delete something is the process of taking something such as a file, like a Word document or photograph, and removing it. The process generally involves moving it to the trash on a Mac or the recycle bin on a Windows machine and emptying the trash or recycle bin. The emptying part is what is actually deleting it. [Click for full post]

Computer Question – Why Do You Have to Restart Your Computer?

This question was asked by Paul Prior. Paul wrote saying, “Out of curiosity, after updates I get a message saying to restart my computer, which I always do. What’s the reason for this?”

Transcription begins: This is a pretty simple thing to understand when you think about it the right way.

Four Basic Computer Training Kindle Books Available on Amazon

I’m happy to announce that the first four of a series of books covering computer basics and online privacy & security advice are now available to order from (and on the overseas “local branches” of Amazon) for Kindle. You can see cover images and titles for the books – clicking them will take you to Amazon where you can order them and have them instantly delivered to you. [one_half]

How to Prevent Computer Problems by Avoiding 6 Hidden Dangers to Your Computer & Other ElectronicsHow to Prevent Computer Problems

How to Back Up Your Computer ebookHow to Back Up Your Computer

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What Is a Safe Password and More Internet Privacy & Security Tips - Explained in Plain EnglishWhat is A Safe Password

What is the Internet Basic Computer Terms & ConceptsWhat is the Internet (Internet Basics)


Simple Computer Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Computer users have a wide range of experience and levels of understanding of their computers. The great majority of users have just learned the most basic features of a few of the thousands of programs out there.

It really can be a help for you to learn computer basics that you may have been taught. But that’s nothing to be ashamed of — even the most advanced computer user was at that level at some point, myself included.

Even if you’re just using your computer for word processing, learning a few simple skills can make your life a lot easier. [Click for full post]