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BitSeeds: Overview of Using a Cryptocurrency Wallet


This video continues the tutorials on BitSeeds with an overview of the wallet application. All cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin use a “wallet” which is a program that works kind of like a cross between a traditional physical wallet and a bank account. 

They’re free to use with no need to fill out lots of personal information and ask permission to use money the way you do with a bank. Anyone with a computer can use them and many currencies also have mobile wallet apps that work on your phone, too. [Click for full post]

Watch Out For This Check Scam That Targets Craigslist Users and Others

In this video lesson I walk you through the many warning signs you can find in a widespread type of scam that targets people posting ads on Craigslist, but also can affect you even if you don’t use that site.

The video tutorial above shows you an exchange I had with a scammer who was texting me hoping to fool me. This same type of scam is often run by email and even by phone sometimes.

Whether you use Craigslist or not, you should protect yourself by watching and learning how the scam works and what the warning signs were that tipped me off to the fact that someone was trying to trick me. [Click for full post]

Forgot Your Password & Locked Out of Your Computer – Tech Answers

In this latest tech question and answer audio lesson I take a question from a long-time student named Ian, about getting back into a laptop when you’ve forgotten the password:

Hi Worth;

Once again I need to ask your advice on a matter which is causing me some great deal of heartache. My grand-daughter is now 17 years old, and for her birthday I bought her a Hewlett Packard Laptop.

She set it up and things went well; then she found out that her younger sister and indeed her mother were also using her computer. So in a fit of pique she changed the password — in a hurry and without making a note of the new one… [Click for full post]

Computer Question – What Does it Mean When Your Computer Keeps Beeping When You Turn it On

In this latest computer question and answer audio lesson, I answer a short question from a subscriber named Rabah Benarous, who writes:

“Worth A friend of mine has a problem with her first Mac – the problem is when she turns the computer on and 3 beeps sound constantly.

Can you please help? Thanks in advance for the great videos I learn from you a lot.”

Unfortunately, when a computer (Apple Mac or Windows PC) beeps like this, it’s not a good sign — it normally means there is a hardware problem, i.e. a physical part has gone bad and needs to be replaced. In this particular case, it sounds like it’s probably RAM, which is fortunately pretty inexpensive these days. [Click for full post]

Computer Question About Laptop Shutting Off Suddenly

Computer student Adam Savage writes with a question about his laptop shutting off suddenly…

Adam wrote:

“I have a sony vaio windows 7. And for some reason, no matter what setting i put my computer on(Sleep, hibernate, lock, log off etc.) it always shuts down by itself.

I have tried changing the setting but nothings seems to work. If i just leave the laptop of within an hour it shuts down. Then upon boot up it says “unsafe shut down, would you like to start safe mode.”

Please help. “ [Click for full post]

Yet Another Computer Trojan – How to Stay Safe

I just wanted to write to warn you about an online Trojan that is going around right now, and offer you some online safety and privacy advice that can help keep you safe. Trojans are dangerous programs that can affect both Windows PCs as well as Apple’s Macs, and knowledge is the best tool to protect yourself.

The key thing to remember about Trojans is that they cannot get into your computer without YOU. It’s just like the original Trojan Horse from the old stories – the Greek soldiers couldn’t get into Troy until the citizens of Troy brought them in, past the defenses, hidden inside the wooden horse.  

And just like the horse, modern Trojans look like a “gift”, but hide something dangerous inside. So if you know how to recognize them, then you’re safe.   Let me tell you a little more so you know how the Trojan I’m talking about tries to trick you.

These things happen all the time, but this latest one is called “Trojan.Yontoo.1” and it affects both Windows PCs as well as Apple Macs — and for those who might wonder desktop and laptop computers fundamentally work the same way, so both can be infected equally.

As is often (but not always) the case, this Trojan gets into your computer from a website that either was put up for the purpose of getting you to install the Trojan, or where the website has been “broken into” and changed to try to infect computers.

The way this Trojan uses to lure you in mainly seems to be the offer of a browser plugin that claims to let you watch movie trailers, but actually watches everything you do online and when it sees an opportunity, it changes webpages you’re visiting by replacing normal ads with ads that make the criminals money.

Browser plugins are perfectly common and usually helpful pieces of software that add new features to web pages and to improve your web browsing experience in some way. Unfortunately just like any tool can be put to good or bad use, the wrong browser plugins can be dangerous.

You should remember that movie trailers (or any video) often can play without a plugin at all, or if they do need a plugin it will be Adobe Flash Player.  

So if you see a website that tries to get you to install a special plugin or player to watch the videos on the site and it is not Adobe Flash Player, get out of there.

Of course, what if a criminal just lies and says their dangerous fake video player plugin is Flash Player?  

While this Trojan scam does not seem to do that, it is very possible others could.  One way to figure out if you’re actually installing a legitimate copy of Flash Player is by paying attention to your address bar.

The address bar (or location bar) is of course the bar at the top of every web browser window which shows the address of the site and page you are currently viewing.  For example if you are reading this on my site, you can look at the top of the window and you should see as that is the location of my blog.

Remember, you only get Adobe Flash Player from one place:

If a website tries to have you install a plugin to watch videos you should be suspicious and read carefully. If it’s telling you to install Flash Player it is probably legitimate — but only if it sends you away from that site to Adobe’s website!

If it tries to install from anywhere else, don’t install it.  

I hope that makes sense.  

Remember that every single Trojan relies on your lack of knowledge to take advantage of you!  

Literally the only way to stay safe is to better understand your computer and how to use it properly.  Most people lack basic skills and knowledge that put them at risk. [Click for full post]

Computer Question About Where to Start if You Want a Career in Computers

A question & answer audio from the archive about where to start when you want a career in computers?

Note: this is an older recording and references a different website I used to use for my member area, and CDs, which I no longer sell (all lessons now being online through this website).

“Hi There Worth, I’m Errol I’ve joined up as a gold member.

In September I started college wishing to learn computer upgrade/maintenance the course also covers system support as well as networking. [Click for full post]

Question: Lessons for How to Use Android Devices

Hello,Do you have lessons for a 7inch Android mini computer?Thank you,Dora Fowler 

Hi Dora,
  I’m sorry, I don’t do lessons on Android at this point. The problem is that there are many different companies making Android devices, but each one works very differently than the other and so I’d pretty much literally have to buy one of every single make and model on the market and record specific lessons for each one.  

  I actually recommend

What Do Beliefs, Baseball & Wasps Have to Do With Learning Computers?

  What we believe about ourselves, and the identities like “computer dummy” (or “computer genius” for that matter) have a profound effect on what we are able to achieve. In this video lesson I share a story of when I did a dumb thing when I was a kid, what I learned from it as an adult, and how that lesson can help you become more confident and empowered with the modern world.

  I cover a lot of ground in the video and it may not all seem to relate at first, but it all connects by the end. [Click for full post]

What is a File vs What is a Folder – Explained in Non-Technical Terms

I recorded this video a couple of years ago in answer to a question sent in by a Gold Club member who wanted to know what files and folders actually are.  In the case of that particular student, they had no real idea what either term meant.

This is understandable because people commonly misuse the two terms.  In some cases I think they know better but are being a little sloppy in their choice of words, but a lot of people really don’t get the distinction between the two.

Like a lot of tech words, they actually do make sense once they’re explained right. The video shows you a simple way to understand the difference between file and folder that should help them both make more sense so you can use them correctly. [Click for full post]