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Video: What is Bitcoin? (It’s More Than You Think)

This video is the first of a series and will help you understand Bitcoin better in non-technical terms.

Would you like to replay the video?


More and more people want to know what Bitcoin is – Is it a currency? A payment system?

The answer is yes to both, but that’s not the whole story – those are just part of a bigger picture.

This first video should answer some of your questions but may leave you with new ones — let me know what you most want to understand about Bitcoin and I’ll answer a selection of them in future lessons.

In a few days I’ll be releasing a couple of new videos that will share a fun way to help you get started with cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin).

Forgot Your Password & Locked Out of Your Computer – Tech Answers

In this latest tech question and answer audio lesson I take a question from a long-time student named Ian, about getting back into a laptop when you’ve forgotten the password:

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Hi Worth;

Once again I need to ask your advice on a matter which is causing me some great deal of heartache. My grand-daughter is now 17 years old, and for her birthday I bought her a Hewlett Packard Laptop.

She set it up and things went well; then she found out that her younger sister and indeed her mother were also using her computer. So in a fit of pique she changed the password — in a hurry and without making a note of the new one…

Well, I suppose you have guessed. She cannot now remember the word – which included numbers and caps – she used; now she cannot access the computer, despite all her best efforts to remember what the new password was.

I have made enquiries of certain people here locally; but have received little help or advice – it appears to me that they just do not want to know, or alternatively that there is no way the computer can now be accessed and they do now want to tell me so.

Worth; is there any way that we can get into the thing to free the password, and enable her to use the computer again ?  I do believe that if anyone can advise me on this — you can.  Please help!

Yours most sincerely
Ian Forsyth,
Braintree, England




Here are some links to additional information provided by Apple and Microsoft: – How to Reset Your Password on Windows 7 – How to Reset Your Password on Windows 8

Apple Support – How to Reset Your Password in OS X

Computer Question From Shirley About Reloading Windows to Fix Problems

Listen to the audio lesson to hear my answer to the latest computer question sent by a student:

This time I’ll be answering a computer question from Shirley Davis who writes:

“Hi, I would like to reload windows on my computer, the CD did not come with my computer but I do have the product key from my windows label on my computer. I have a lot of problems with my programs and files.

Microsoft Techs have been trying to help but it has been 2 weeks and they have not fixed it yet. They say I have a lot of issues on my computer. Please tell me what and how to fix this.

Thank You!

Shirley “

Computer Question – What Does it Mean When Your Computer Keeps Beeping When You Turn it On

In this latest computer question and answer audio lesson, I answer a short question from a subscriber named Rabah Benarous, who writes:

“Worth A friend of mine has a problem with her first Mac – the problem is when she turns the computer on and 3 beeps sound constantly.

Can you please help? Thanks in advance for the great videos I learn from you a lot.”

Unfortunately, when a computer (Apple Mac or Windows PC) beeps like this, it’s not a good sign — it normally means there is a hardware problem, i.e. a physical part has gone bad and needs to be replaced. In this particular case, it sounds like it’s probably RAM, which is fortunately pretty inexpensive these days.

Listen to the audio lesson for my full response.

One thing I forgot to mention in the audio lesson is that if this problem happens when the computer is still under warranty (or Applecare extended warranty) the repair should be covered by the warranty and so won’t cost anything.

Again, if it’s only RAM, it shouldn’t be too pricey even outside of warranty.

Computer Question About Why You Suddenly Cannot Update Your Antivirus

A student of mine named Cheryl Goodnow has written in with a question about her computer which started acting up and now her antivirus program won’t update.

Here’s what she wrote:


Yesterday my computer was locked up I couldn’t turn it off or anything. I unplugged the router and that did not help. Hours later a message came up “This copy of windows is not genuine”.

Later everything works but I got a message “behavior similar to pom keg logger detected”, now Kaspersky tells me my blacklist is corrupted and I can’t update.

What is going on?


Listen to the easy audio lesson where I answer Cheryl’s question about her antivirus program refusing to update.  Sometimes this can be a temporary glitch, or other times it can be a sign of a virus or other piece of malware that is trying to prevent the antivirus program from working. 

From the sound of it, the latter is probably what’s going on in Cheryl’s case as you’ll hear in the audio lesson.


For more easy audio lessons like this one, take a look at the course Troubleshooting and Solving Common Internet Problems

Computer Question About Email Not Being Delivered

I received a computer question from long-time client and student Linda who wrote asking:

“Hi Worth, I hope this finds you well and in good health.

I have a very curious problem that perhaps you can help me with. I have been emailing several friends back where I used to live and there has been no problem.

My one dear friend and I have emailed several times successfully and then she got a laptop. She emails me and I email her back but she does not get my replies. I also initiate emails and she does not get them.

I have called and asked her to give me her email address again and I will put it into the address when I send them and still she does not get my emails.

What do you think is the problem and can we fix it?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. I’m not sure if it’s her computer or mine.

Many thanks, Linda”

There are a few possible reasons you might send an email and it never seems to get through. Take a listen to the audio lesson for a few ideas.


Computer Question About Laptop Shutting Off Suddenly

Computer student Adam Savage writes with a question about his laptop shutting off suddenly…

Adam wrote:

“I have a sony vaio windows 7. And for some reason, no matter what setting i put my computer on(Sleep, hibernate, lock, log off etc.) it always shuts down by itself.

I have tried changing the setting but nothings seems to work. If i just leave the laptop of within an hour it shuts down. Then upon boot up it says “unsafe shut down, would you like to start safe mode.”

Please help. “

Listen to the audio lesson above to get my full answer to Adam’s question. As usual, I don’t just give a quick answer but instead turn this into an opportunity for a complete lesson that helps give you a real understanding of what’s going on in a situation like this when a computer turns itself off without any warning.

For more audio lessons like this one, take a look at the audio course Troubleshooting and Avoiding Costly Computer Problems (available for both Mac and Windows users).

Computer Question From Richard Castro About Fixing a Problem With A Book He’s Writing

Our latest computer question comes from Richard Castro, who writes:

“Hello Worth I hope you can help me, I’m trying to write a book on Works word processor what I’ve done is typed half on one page and half on another page.

My question is how can I merge the two to make one, in other words how can I insert or move one page to have them all together on one page. Here’s the ironic part it’s not hurting anything but it just bothers me to leave it like that.

Keep up the good work.

Richard “

Take a listen to the audio lesson to hear my advice. 


For video lessons on how to use word processors like Microsoft Word, take a look at…

How to Use Microsoft Word for Windows


How to Use Microsoft Word for Mac

Computer Question About Where to Start if You Want a Career in Computers

A question & answer audio from the archive about where to start when you want a career in computers?

Note: this is an older recording and references a different website I used to use for my member area, and CDs, which I no longer sell (all lessons now being online through this website).

“Hi There Worth, I’m Errol I’ve joined up as a gold member.

In September I started college wishing to learn computer upgrade/maintenance the course also covers system support as well as networking.

Not knowing anything about computers and lack of confidence within myself, I think through your videos and also your layman terms I could understand where to start and be able to move forward in my chosen career.

Q: Where is the best place to start?
Q: Do you send out any videos on how to learning computer maintenance, system support, and networking.
Q: How can I make it fun to learn and become unconsciously competent?

Your help in assisting me would be very much appreciated.
Thank you

Errol Grant”

Hi Errol,
Here’s a quick written response, listen to the attached audio for a more detailed answer to your computer questions.

I would say that you need to start with the basic concepts and skills (see lessons in the Gold Club member area, and even more on the Computer Basics course on my site) and work your way up.

Using the computer regularly, carefully trying new things on it, and being patient with yourself is also important. Read my articles “How to Get Better at Computers Without Learning a Thing” and “If You Dig Yourself a Hole, Bring a Ladder” for some advice and encouragement.

Remember that your peers will often unintentionally spread misinformation about the computer (misusing terms, giving bad advice, etc.). Also remember the importance of *understanding* not just memorizing steps — you can’t gain unconscious competence (I see you’ve been watching my tips on learning the computer videos :) without understanding of the steps.

I don’t cover repair or system support topics in my courses as my main focus is getting new computer users as well as long-time users who missed the basics (which is most people, really) to have a strong basis in the fundamentals which will help you with those more advanced topics.

You’re welcome to send any more specific questions my way, too, priority on computer Q&A is one of the perks of Gold Club membership.

I hope that helps, and thanks for becoming a Gold Club member!

Instagram Selling Your Photos & Other Risks of Posting Online

The online world is abuzz with news of the photo sharing service Instagram (recently acquired by Facebook) which has changed its terms of service to allow for the possible sale of people’s photos — without the photographer making a penny.  This is just the latest example of a problem I’ve been trying to educate people about for years now: who owns your information when you post it online?

I’ve just posted this audio lesson which you can listen to and learn more about this problem, which affects everyone who posts anything online such as photos, Facebook or Twitter posts, etc., as well as potentially people who store information online in online “cloud” storage, and the many people who use web-based email services such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and so on.

I recorded this audio lesson a couple of years ago, and I’ve talked about the problem in recorded lessons as well as here on my newsletter, and it seems like finally people out there are starting to wake up to this.

If you’re not familiar with Continue Reading →