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Computer Question About Laptop Shutting Off Suddenly

Computer student Adam Savage writes with a question about his laptop shutting off suddenly…

Adam wrote:

“I have a sony vaio windows 7. And for some reason, no matter what setting i put my computer on(Sleep, hibernate, lock, log off etc.) it always shuts down by itself.

I have tried changing the setting but nothings seems to work. If i just leave the laptop of within an hour it shuts down. Then upon boot up it says “unsafe shut down, would you like to start safe mode.”

Please help. “

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Tips on How to Use a Search Engine the Right Way

I thought I’d share the following infrographic (Image courtesy of HackCollege) which gives you tips on how to use Google and other search engines more effectively.

The guide has a bunch of good tips, many of which I share in my related video lessons in my Easy Internet course (see links below image).  I do have to mention that I disagree with one part of the information below: they say never to google questions, but that CAN be useful sometimes.

The times you want to type questions into a search engine is when you’re looking for a forum or discussion where someone has asked the same question that you have — you will often find your question has been answered in the discussion! So while they’re right that you don’t need to phrase your searches as questions, it can be helpful sometimes.

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Internet Tips: How to Avoid a Common Web Browsing Mistake

Here is a simple thing to learn but is a big time saver you really need to know about when using the Internet. I see many rookie, and even experienced computer users making this blunder (and remember, I’m not being critical; it’s not your fault if you’re making this computer mistake)

Don’t use a search engine like Google or Bing to search for web pages or web sites if you already know the address! Search engines are like phone books.

A lot of people don’t use them at all anymore, but when woukd you use one? You’d use one to look up a number if you don’t know it, right?

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Why Trusting Your Files to “The Cloud” Could Be a Really Bad Idea

In this article I’m going to help you understand a computer term you’ve probably heard but may not have understood, and give you some advice that will protect you from a computer mistake.

There was a rumor floating around that Facebook was shutting down for good on March 15th of 2011. This is obviously not true (depending on your view of Facebook, that may be good news or it may be bad news).

The rumor most likely started with the fact that the original Yahoo Video shut down for good on that date. I want to use what happened as an example to help you understand a couple of things that are very important and will become more important in the coming months and the next few years.

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How to Back Up Windows or Mac – Video Lesson

In this video lesson I explain the two general methods of backing up your important files, namely incremental backup (a.k.a. versioned backup) and “cloning” backup.

I also give specific suggestions about how to do either one or both to protect the important files on your computer. Failing to back up is perhaps the biggest single computer mistake I see people making, and failing to back up correctly and regularly can lead to the loss of time, money and irreplaceable files, which can have devastating consequences.

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Don’t Let Heat Damage Ruin Your Computer and Other Electronics

Heat is one of the most damaging things for electronics. People are often not aware of this and are causing their computers and other devices to fail long before their time because they’re not doing what they need to do to keep them cool.

You’ve probably noticed that computers typically have fans which you can spinning whenever the computer is running. You may also have noticed that the fans get louder sometimes more than others.

Most parts of a computer generate some amount of heat, with certain parts such as the hard drive and the processor generating more than others. The fans are designed to keep the computer from overheating and burning out.

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How to Back Up – Cloning Backup

The following article is another except from Worth’s new book titled “How to Avoid 7 Common & Costly Computer Mistakes – Explained in Plain English” and follows from my previous post where I answered the question “Why Back Up?” and my post where I explained how to back up using incremental backup.

In this article I want to explain one general method for how to back up your computer, namely something called “cloning”.  I won’t repeat the many reasons why it is absolutely essential that you back up on a regular basis, but I will give you some recommendations on methods you can use to protect yourself, including information for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computers.

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How to Choose When Buying a Computer

How to choose when buying a computer – is asking “what is the most popular computer” the right question?

(Note: this article was written and sent out to subscribers to my free computer lessons email newsletter on December 12th, 2007)

Around this time of year, it’s common for people to be looking into buying a new computer as a gift or to replace the aging one they’re using.

I thought I’d write an article to give a few tips on how to chose when buying a computer.

First off, I’ve found that a lot of people start thinking about this by asking “what is the most popular computer?” and letting the answer to that decide the question for them. Well, this isn’t necessarily the best idea.

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Weathering the storm — What to Do to Protect Your Computer and Other Electronics From Storms and Other Hazards

As I write this, I’m sitting at Falcon Computers here on the Big Island, using their Internet connection. Those of you who live around here know we had a pretty huge storm on the island yesterday (although some parts of the island were lucky enough not to get it too bad). In my case, the storm was raging directly over my house for about an hour, and I even had two lightning strikes within spitting distance of my house.

As a result of the storm, we had closed roads, power outages, and cable service (including cable Internet service) was shut down for about half the island.

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Why You Should Avoid Windows Vista Like the Plague (at least for now) Part 3

In this three-part article I will talk about three big reasons you should avoid “upgrading” to Windows Vista, at least for now. This is part three of three.

I’ve been talking in the first two parts of this series of three article about reasons you want to avoid getting the new Windows Vista. I called it a real turkey, and gave you two good reasons you shouldn’t use it.

In this last in this series of articles, I’m going to give you a third reason that I don’t think you should bother getting Vista, at least for a while.

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