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How to Protect Your Privacy When Using BitSeeds or Bitcoin

When you receive funds whether BitSeeds, Bitcoin, or a different cryptocurrency you have to give out a payment or receive address. While you can reuse the same address each time, the BitSeeds wallet and most other currency wallets allow you to make new receive addresses each time you do this.

In this tutorial I explain what the benefits are to either making a new address for each person or business you receive funds from, or to making a new address every single time you receive funds.

Personally, I take the second route because it offers you the greatest amount of privacy and that helps keep your funds safe from prying eyes.  Watch the video to learn more. [Click for full post]

How to Use the Address Book in a BitSeeds or Bitcoin Wallet

 Whenever you send BitSeeds to someone, their address and the label you gave it is saved automatically for you in the address book, much like an email program. 

This video takes a quick look at the address book giving you a couple of tips to make things easier for you when using a crypto wallet.

BitSeeds: Understanding the Wallet Transactions Tab

Whenever you send or receive a cryptocurrency like BitSeeds, or if you generate new funds yourself through the process of staking (which is like gaining interest in a bank account), this counts as a transaction and it is recorded in the blockchain. The Blockchain is the decentralized ledger system which underlies Bitcoin and similar currencies.

In this video lesson we look at the Transactions tab which shows you all of the transactions from the BitSeeds blockchain that relate to your wallet including sent, received, and staked (often labeled as mined). [Click for full post]

How to Send BitSeeds, Bitcoin, or Any Cryptocurrency


This video lesson shows you the steps to send BitSeeds, or a similar digital currency such as Bitcoin, to someone else.  You’ll need to know the recipient’s payment address and it helps for you to type in a label so you can look back later and know who you sent the money to or what the payment was for.

Watch the steps and keep in mind they’re pretty similar with any cryptocurrency.


Using the BitSeeds Wallet Receive Tab

 In this tutorial we go over the “Receive” tab in detail, including the steps involved in creating an address to give someone if you want them to send you some funds.

Since most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others work almost exactly the same way, learning the steps with BitSeeds will teach you how to do this with BTC or most any other coin.

How to Get BitSeeds With a Free Account on Bittrex Exchange


Before we take a look at an overview of the wallet application running on your computer, I thought I’d record and post another video which takes a few minutes to show you how to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange called Bittrex. 

A cryptocurrency exchange allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin and altcoins including BitSeeds. Bittrex is my personal favorite exchange and it’s the official exchange for BitSeeds.  Watch the video to see how to sign up (just takes an email address and password) and then you can click to visit Bittrex yourself. [Click for full post]

Introducing Bitseeds, the Rainforest Foundation’s Cryptocurrency

Announcing the BitSeeds course, sponsored by The Rainforest Foundation. BitSeeds is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin but was created for the purpose of funding reforestation.

I’ve recorded over a dozen tutorials creating a complete intro course for cryptocurrency wallet applications – everything I teach you about the BitSeeds wallet software applies to Bitcoin and others so you get to learn this important and rapidly emerging new technology.

Watch the video and leave your comments below. [Click for full post]

Bitcoin Tutorials App

Announcing Bitcoin & Altcoin Tutorials – Cryptocurrency Course App

I’m very happy to announce the launch of a new course I’ve been working on – The Bitcoin & Altcoin Tutorials app:

Bitcoin Tutorials App

Bitcoin & Altcoin Tutorials

The course teaches you all about Bitcoin & cryptocurrency, which — if you’ve been paying attention to my updates for the last few months — you know is one of the most important new technologies to come along since the Internet.

21 years ago, most people dismissed the Internet (websites, email, etc.) as a “fad” or a “scam,” which baffled me at the time since I could see clearly that it was the way of the future. [Click for full post]

What is a Bitcoin & Altcoin Wallet Explained in Non-Technical Language

 In this lesson I want to explain the concept of a wallet and a wallet application which is used with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to send, receive, and hold onto funds. We also take a look at an example of a wallet program. This explanation is for non-technical people:

 This video follows up from my previous lesson that gave a non-technical introduction to Bitcoin and how it’s more than most people think it is, so make sure to watch that lesson if you missed it.

 A wallet “stores” your money and is sort of a cross between a traditional (physical) wallet and a bank account. In reality, the wallet holds something called a private key which “unlocks” your access to the funds that are actually stored on the blockchain, which is the public ledger system used by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. [Click for full post]

Prypto Cryptocurrency Scratch Card How-To Video

I wanted to post a video I recorded recently that introduces an extremely cool cryptocurrency product — crypto scratch cards by a company called Prypto.

The way they work is you buy a high-quality physical card with a visible code and a hidden code underneath a scratch panel like you find on a lottery ticket or many gift cards.  The card can be redeemed for the amount of cryptocurrency pictured on the front, including varying amounts of bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, and more.

I think these scratchcards are a great way to get cryptocurrency — in fact, I was so impressed I became one of the first US-based resellers and plan to start carrying them on my site in the near future! [Click for full post]