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How to Cut Copy and Paste Tutorials

Learn How to Cut, Copy, and Paste on Windows, Mac, and Mobile

Learning how to copy and paste on a computer and on a mobile device like a smartphone (Apple iPhone or Android) or tablet device (Apple iPad or Android tablet) is a key fundamental skill a surprising number of people never learn.  I’ve recorded a new and updated version of an older lesson teaching these important skills and concepts.  I split it into two videos you can see below.

Part 1: Copying, Pasting, and the Clipboard – Terms and Concepts

Part 2: Copying and Pasting Step-By-Step on Windows, Mac, and Mobile devices [Click for full post]

Forgot Your Password & Locked Out of Your Computer – Tech Answers

In this latest tech question and answer audio lesson I take a question from a long-time student named Ian, about getting back into a laptop when you’ve forgotten the password:

Hi Worth;

Once again I need to ask your advice on a matter which is causing me some great deal of heartache. My grand-daughter is now 17 years old, and for her birthday I bought her a Hewlett Packard Laptop.

She set it up and things went well; then she found out that her younger sister and indeed her mother were also using her computer. So in a fit of pique she changed the password — in a hurry and without making a note of the new one… [Click for full post]

Video: How to Use Amazon Wish List – Makes it Easy to Give Gifts

Around this time of year people are doing a lot of shopping to buy gifts for others. One of the challenges when buying a gift (or receiving one!) is knowing the right thing to get a person or how to let people know what you want to receive – here’s a video lesson that can help with both:

Note: original video has been replaced with new version recorded December 2014

With some people it’s easy, but for others it can be a real pain to figure out what to get them. For years I’ve used the wish list on to help people figure out what to get me, and I wish more people would do the same (especially my dad who is really hard to pick presents for!). [Click for full post]

100 Year Old With Bad Eyes Loves Her New iPad

Just for fun, I thought I’d post this video I found on YouTube. It was made by a family who got an iPad for the 100 year old matriarch of the family, Virginia. Virginia suffers from glaucoma and so has a lot of trouble seeing, but was happy to find she could use the iPad to read books more easily than she can with a traditional printed book, and she was able to start writing on it right away as well — two activities she loved that her eyesight had been making difficult for some time. Take a look at the video below to see Virginia using the iPad for the first time.