Starting this blog

I’m going to be using this blog for a couple of things — to reprint some of my plain English computer tips & training articles from my main website, and my free computer tips email newsletter. I’ll also be posting some more personal thoughts/musings as I feel motivated and have the free time.

I’m currently running a couple of businesses — I’ve still been running my long-standing computer consulting business, while working hard (sometimes up past 2am!) on my newer computer training company.

I spent most of 2006 developing a course for Apple Mac and a course for Windows that pretty much takes all of the advantages of me giving a personal lesson like I have been doing for years, and puts them on CDs as video lessons. This summer I’m planning on another course for Mac and one for Windows, that will teach the fundamental underlying skills that so many people never really get taught that makes using your computer so much easier.

The first courses (the ones already available) are focused on the Internet (web, email, etc.), covering a lot of the basics that a lot of people never really learn, plus more advanced stuff. To be honest, the Mac course focuses a little more on the fun aspects of it, while the Windows course unavoidably has to focus a lot on security (although there’s still a ton of stuff to help people get better at the web, email, etc., of course, too).

Most people are making a lot of mistakes with their computers without realizing it, especially security-related mistakes. After all, there’s still over 80% of people using Internet Explorer for Windows, even though it’s where so many viruses, adware, spyware, etc. leak into yours system! It’s amazing how few people know how to protect themselves from these things.

Anyway, I’m rambling, so I’ll sign off for now. Even though it’s a Sunday afternoon and a pretty nice day outside (it’s Hawaii after all, so I guess I’m not exactly surprised!) I’ve got to get more work done. I’m finishing up writing the script for a new audio CD I’m putting together that explains the reasons why traditional computer training really doesn’t work (a hard fact I’ve had to face after years of trying very hard to help people with their computer problems and realizing I can only go so far due to the inherent limitations of consulting and classes).

I’ve got to finish writing up the script, then record it (hopefully — not only is this a lot of work to get done today, I have dogs barking next door, and some jerk living up the road who thinks it’s OK to drive through a residential neighborhood with a deliberately loud muffler and a thumpthumpthumping subwoofer at all hours — literally at 2AM last night, so loud I could feel it vibrating my chest in bed at the other end of the house! Totally inconsiderate.), edit the recording, burn it on a CD, design the cover, and get a few copies ready to mail out to people tomorrow. Yikes.

I can’t wait until I get this whole project a little more running automatically and can relax a little and get more of a social life again. Right now I feel like one of those guys you see at a carnival spinning plates on sticks — getting them started is the tricky part, once they’re moving smoothly it’s a little easier! [Click for full post]