How to Download BitSeeds Altcoin Wallet

This video in the series shows you how to download the BitSeeds “wallet” application, which is a program you use to send, receive, or  hold onto so you can gain interest.

Watch the first video in the How to Use BitSeeds course if you missed it.

Introducing Bitseeds, the Rainforest Foundation’s Cryptocurrency

Announcing the BitSeeds course, sponsored by The Rainforest Foundation. BitSeeds is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin but was created for the purpose of funding reforestation.

I’ve recorded over a dozen tutorials creating a complete intro course for cryptocurrency wallet applications – everything I teach you about the BitSeeds wallet software applies to Bitcoin and others so you get to learn this important and rapidly emerging new technology.

Watch the video and leave your comments below. [Click for full post]

Watch Out For This Check Scam That Targets Craigslist Users and Others

In this video lesson I walk you through the many warning signs you can find in a widespread type of scam that targets people posting ads on Craigslist, but also can affect you even if you don’t use that site.

The video tutorial above shows you an exchange I had with a scammer who was texting me hoping to fool me. This same type of scam is often run by email and even by phone sometimes.

Whether you use Craigslist or not, you should protect yourself by watching and learning how the scam works and what the warning signs were that tipped me off to the fact that someone was trying to trick me. [Click for full post]

How to Cut Copy and Paste Tutorials

Learn How to Cut, Copy, and Paste on Windows, Mac, and Mobile

Learning how to copy and paste on a computer and on a mobile device like a smartphone (Apple iPhone or Android) or tablet device (Apple iPad or Android tablet) is a key fundamental skill a surprising number of people never learn.  I’ve recorded a new and updated version of an older lesson teaching these important skills and concepts.  I split it into two videos you can see below.

Part 1: Copying, Pasting, and the Clipboard – Terms and Concepts

Part 2: Copying and Pasting Step-By-Step on Windows, Mac, and Mobile devices [Click for full post]

Bitcoin Tutorials App

Announcing Bitcoin & Altcoin Tutorials – Cryptocurrency Course App

I’m very happy to announce the launch of a new course I’ve been working on – The Bitcoin & Altcoin Tutorials app:

Bitcoin Tutorials App

Bitcoin & Altcoin Tutorials

The course teaches you all about Bitcoin & cryptocurrency, which — if you’ve been paying attention to my updates for the last few months — you know is one of the most important new technologies to come along since the Internet.

21 years ago, most people dismissed the Internet (websites, email, etc.) as a “fad” or a “scam,” which baffled me at the time since I could see clearly that it was the way of the future. [Click for full post]

how to order computer courses

How to Register, Place an Order, and Use This Site

Because so many people have asked for help with this, I’ve recorded a video that walks you through the entire process of placing an order for any of my easy computer courses.

It starts with a quick recap of the registration process (a free account is needed for viewing the courses), then shows you the Member Area where you access the lessons. 

The video continues by showing you how to select a course, add it to your cart, apply a coupon code for a discount, and concludes with checking out to complete your order. [Click for full post]

device driver update example

What is a Driver and Should You Pay to Update Them

This is an older video of mine I first recorded back in 2008 which explains the often-misunderstood computer term “driver” or “device driver” in non-technical language.  While I’m at it, I also make sure you understand the related terms “software” and “hardware.”

I recently was sent an email by a new student named Marcos who had seen this video and had a follow-up question I wanted to answer.  Marcos wrote:

“Now that you’ve cleared up what drivers are — (thanks!)  why do I need to update them?  [Click for full post]

Video – The Parallels Between Traditional Wampum and Bitcoin

In this video I want to talk a little about a cryptocurrency I discovered a little while ago called Wampum or Wampumcoin

 This video continues my series of videos on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Basics Explained for Non-Technical People

 I think that in many ways, Wampum (in particular, Wampum belts) used traditionally in Native American cultures has many parallels to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, including specifically to the blockchain technology that is the core of crypto.

Indulge me for a moment while I wax enthusiastic about the idea of Wampum as a cryptocurrency; why I’m personally enthusiastic about it – not just because of my Native American ancestry, but also for the parallels I see between ancient Wampum belts and modern technology. [Click for full post]

What is Bitcoin & Altcoin Mining Explained in Non-Technical Terms

 In this lesson I want to explain the poorly understood concept of mining. This explanation is for non-technical people:

 This video continues my series of videos on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Basics Explained for Non-Technical People – make sure to watch the other videos if you missed them!

With traditional currencies and payment systems there is a network needed for the system to work.  Decades ago this was a physical network of human tellers handling cash and checks sent through the postal system or carried from one location to another.  Over time, this gradually migrated to a digital computer network used today by banks and payment companies such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and Western Union. [Click for full post]