How to Undo Computer Mistakes in Apple Mac OS X

The intro before the step-by-step part of the video is important for people to watch if they are computer challenged and need the extra help, but if you want, you can jump to the step-by-step part of the video by fast-forwarding to about 3:25 (depending on your Internet connection speed you may need to wait a few moments before you can do this). Note: this is the Apple Mac version of this lesson.  If you have a Windows computer you’ll want to watch: How to Undo Computer Mistakes in Microsoft Windows.  If you’re getting this via my podcast, you should get both videos automatically. In the step-by-step part of the lesson I’ll show you an example of how to undo when writing something, which is probably the best-known way to use this simple but powerful computer skill.  I’ll also show you how to use it when working with files and folders, something which can be a real life saver but which so many people don’t know how to do. In the over a decade and a half I’ve been helping people with their computers, I’ve noticed a pattern that affects the majority of computer users to one degree or another: being afraid of making computer mistakes holds people back from making progress. I want to help you become more  confident and skilled with your computer so I recorded this video which gives you some words of encouragement, plus I show you a simple technique you can use in the majority of programs to reverse (or “undo”) mistakes you’ve made. Now while many people are familiar with the undo function of their computer, many more people are not familiar with it. Those who do know about it often don’t know you can use it in as many ways as you can.   Want to learn the fundamental computer skills that make the rest easy? Take a look at my easy video lesson CDs. I have a simple computer course covering exactly those basic skills that empower you with the confidence you deserve:  Basic Apple Mac Skills