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How to Get BitSeeds With a Free Account on Bittrex Exchange


Before we take a look at an overview of the wallet application running on your computer, I thought I’d record and post another video which takes a few minutes to show you how to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange called Bittrex. 

A cryptocurrency exchange allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin and altcoins including BitSeeds. Bittrex is my personal favorite exchange and it’s the official exchange for BitSeeds.  Watch the video to see how to sign up (just takes an email address and password) and then you can click to visit Bittrex yourself. [Click for full post]

Video: What is Bitcoin? (It’s More Than You Think)

This video is the first of a series and will help you understand Bitcoin better in non-technical terms.

More and more people want to know what Bitcoin is – Is it a currency? A payment system?

The answer is yes to both, but that’s not the whole story – those are just part of a bigger picture.

This first video should answer some of your questions but may leave you with new ones — let me know what you most want to understand about Bitcoin and I’ll answer a selection of them in future lessons. [Click for full post]


Use Bitcoin to Order Computer & Technology Courses

 Been meaning to post this for a while now — figured I’d do so before the official end of 2013:

Bitcoin accepted here - click for courses

I’ve been a big fan of Bitcoin since I first heard about it a few years ago, and have been very excited to watch its growth in 2013.

To put my money where my mouth is, I decided it was overdue for me to start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method on my site.

I actually set this up a few weeks ago but somehow never got around to announcing it. :)

Anyway, for a limited time I am not only accepting bitcoin as payment for my computer courses, but anyone who pays in bitcoin will automatically save 10% off their purchase! [Click for full post]

wow dogecoin retweet!

Get 25 Free Dogecoin – RT & Reply w Wallet Address @PlainTech

I’ve been really following the cryptocurrency scene recently with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and the other altcoins and I just had to post this for fun.

Scroll down…


The “Dogecoin” (pronounced “dog coin”) is a funny combination of the Doge Meme  with Bitcoin, and has taken off in popularity, especially over the last few days.

So to have a little fun I decided to give away some Dogecoins (I happen to have a few at the moment), as well as have a little contest.  I also am including a limited number of special coupon codes you can use on this site to save 10% off any of my courses. [Click for full post]