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Eject CD: Basic Computer Tips on Ejecting CD Drives and What to Do if the CD Won't Eject

In this basic computer lesson I will be covering two things: the basic steps for how to eject a CD when everything's working normally, plus what to do if your computer isn't working right and the CD drive won't eject.

I'm going to include a video where I demonstrate and explain it, plus a partial text description below, but the main lesson is in the video which should start playing if you click the image below:

CD drives come in two basic types. Most desktop and laptop computers have a "tray loading" CD drive (where the CD sits on a small tray that slides out of the computer). Some computers, especially a lot of Apple's Macs, use a "slot loading" CD drive instead where you just slide the CD in label side up.

Opening the tray or spitting out the CD on a Mac is just a matter of pressing the eject key in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

On a Windows PC, you do the following:

On most computers you just look on the front of the computer (not on the screen, but the big "box" that a lot of people incorrectly call the hard drive). On the front of the computer should be a rectangular panel that most likely either says "CD", "CD-R", "Compact Disk", or "DVD" (depending on the make and model).

On the right side of this panel should be a small button for ejecting the tray you put the CD on. The button may have the eject symbol under it (the eject symbol looks like a triangle with a line under it, just like on a DVD player, a CD player, a VCR, etc.)

Push the eject button and the tray should come out that has a circular depression in it that you put the CD into, label side up. Then press the eject button again to close the drive.

CD won't eject? Just watch the video lesson above to see what to do in most of the common situations where you're having problems ejecting a CD.

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