Secrets of How to Back Up Your Apple Mac
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How to Back Up Your Mac Module 3



Introduction Protecting Yourself By Backing Up Your Computer

Why You’re Making a Huge Mistake if You’re Not Backing Up Regularly



One of the single biggest mistakes I see people making with their computers is failing to back up their files (or not doing so regularly or in a complete way). In this video lesson I’ll explain why backing up your files is so important and tell you the story of how I learned this the hard way many years ago

A Recommended Backup Strategy



This lesson gives you an overview of the two general options for backing up your computer, as wells as specific recommendations for what method to use to best protect your computer Backup online or synchronize files between computers

What is Dropbox and Why You Might Want to Use It



In this video I explain what Dropbox is and some of the ways you can use it and advantages it offers. It can be used both as a way to back up your files, or give you easy access to important files on multiple computers.

Watch the video to find out more

How to Download & Install the Dropbox Program



Downloading the Dropbox program is free. Watch the video to see the steps to downloading & installing it on your computer.

You can get the program by clicking this link to go to

Running Dropbox for the First Time



Now that the program is installed on your computer, watch to see what happens the first time you run the program, including the simple steps to get it working for you

Overview of Using the Dropbox Program



In this video lesson I’ll walk you through the basics of using Dropbox and show you how simple it is to use it to either back up your files and/or make them available on multiple computers via automatic synchronization

How to Use DropBox to Send Someone a File



How to use Dropbox as a simple and convenient way to send files to someone without clogging up their email inbox or forcing them to wait a long time when getting their mail

A Look At the Dropbox Preferences



This lesson takes a quick look at the preferences (settings) for Dropbox, just in case you need them

How to Back Up Your Mac Module 2



External Hard Drives

Understanding External Hard Drives



I explain the basics of an external hard drive; what it is, advice on buying the right one, and a brief recap of why it is very important to have one (see my audio report “7 Common and Costly Computer Mistakes” for more information).

Please note: while in the lesson I’m focused on Firewire hard drives, any modern Intel-based Macs (all computers made by Apple from 2006 onwards) can use USB2 drives just as well as Firewire, and in fact the newest ones only use USB — I still think Firewire is a better option whenever possible, but modern Macs can all use USB as well, and USB drives are often easier to find.
The newest Macs all come with something called a “Thunderbolt” port, which is much much faster than either Firewire or USB. Right now the cost of Thunderbolt drives is still pretty high, but I encourage you to look into using Thunderbolt drives once the price comes down because they are clearly what Apple plans to use as the main drive connector for the future.

Just make your decision based on your budget and the price of Thunderbolt when you are shopping for a drive.

Everything else I say in this video still applies to all drives and will continue to do so.

Formatting your new hard drive



This lesson shows you how you can “format” your hard drive so it is ready to be used. This is a one-time step, and should be done before you try adding any files to the drive.Please note: formatting the drive will completely remove any files currently on the drive, so do not do this to a drive that you’ve already put files onto!
USB Flash Drives

Understanding USB Flash Drives



In this video I explain what a “USB flash drive” is, why you might want to get one, and what the pros and cons are of using them compared to other options.Note: this lesson was recorded a couple of years ago when flash drive sizes were smaller and more expensive — you can now get more space on cheaper drives than when I recorded it (that changes constantly) but all the other information is still the same today.

How to Use a USB Flash Drive



Now that you understand what a USB flash drive is, this video shows you the steps to using them to back up your files, move files between computers, and more

How to “Format” Your Flash Drive To Work Better With Other Computers



Macs are the most compatible computers around, but sometimes it works better if your computer uses disks in “Mac only” mode (or Mac formatted, to use the proper term), but if you want to share files with Windows computers using a USB flash drive it needs to be “Windows formatted”, so the Windows PC can read it.This lesson shows you how to format your USB flash drive for either Mac or Windows (tip: flash drives are cheap. Why not get one for Windows, one for Mac for the best of both worlds) .

How to Back Up Your Mac Module 3



Using “Time Machine

How to Set a Drive to Use With Time Machine


Time Machine is the backup program which comes with your Mac, and can be used as part of a good backup strategy to protect your files. In this lesson I’ll show you how easy it is to set a drive to use with Time Machine

How to Exclude Unwanted Folders from Being Backed Up



Sometimes you might not want to back up everything on your hard drive using Time Machine, such as a folder containing lots of very large files which are less important to you and which could fill the backup drive very quickly.This lesson shows you how to optionally tell Time Machine to ignore certain folders during backup

How to Start a Backup With Time Machine



One of the things I don’t like about Time Machine (along with many other backup programs) is that it assumes you’re going to keep your backup drive turned on and connected all the time, which is a bad idea since it causes more wear and tear on the drive and thus makes it less reliable.In this lesson I’ll show you how to easily tell Time Machine to back up with a couple of clicks so you can keep your backup drive turned off most of the time so it is a safer place to keep a backup copy of your files

How to “Restore” a File or Folder from Backup with Time Machine



At some point you may need to “restore” a file from backup since you deleted it or want to go back to an earlier version.This lesson shows you how to do so by going into Time Machine
Using Carbon Copy Cloner
Carbon Copy Cloner is a free program that makes a 100% backup copy of your hard drive, and is the backup program which I use myself and which I recommend the most to my students and clients.After a one-time setup, CCC will back up your drive automatically (and very quickly), as easily as flicking the power switch on your backup hard drive.

Downloading & Installing Carbon Copy Cloner



This lesson shows you how to download the free program Carbon Copy Cloner, and how to install it.[Click here to go to the Carbon Copy Cloner download page]

Easy 1-time setup that completely automates your backup



This lesson shows you how, in just a few clicks, you can set Carbon Copy Cloner up to automatically back your hard drive up as soon as you plug it in and turn it on

A Look at The Actual Backup Process



Just sit back and see how easy it is to back up automatically when you plug in and turn on the drive.Please note: the first time you do this yourself, the backup process will take an hour or more, but after that, it takes as little as 5 minutes because it only copies the files that have changed or that are new

Recovering Files Backed Up to External Hard Drives



This lesson shows you how you can manually retrieve a file from the backup drive when needed to replace a lost file, or for similar reasons

Order How to Back Up for Apple Mac 21 quick & easy video lessons

3 hours total