How to Use Skype Course – Easy Video Lessons for Apple Mac

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Downloading & Installing Skype


This lesson shows you how to download and install the free program Skype.

Running Skype for the first time

10:42 This lesson shows you what happens the first time you open Skype, including how to set up the free account that is needed to use the program.

Adding a contact or “buddy” to your list


Skype, like most chat programs, uses a list of contacts or “buddies” that lets you keep in touch with your friends, family, or whomever you want to be able to talk to with the program.

This lesson shows you how to find and add a contact to your list.

Setting your “status”


Your “status” is a way to let people know if you are available for a conversation in Skype.

Setting your status to Available, Away, Busy, etc. is easy to do, and being able to recognize when one of your contacts in Skype might not be able to chat is a simple but important skill

Having a text chat

4:04 One of the ways you can talk with people using Skype is by having a “text chat”. This is sort of like an email in that you’re typing messages back and forth, but it’s live and in real time, sent one or two lines at a time via “instant messages”.Take a look at the lesson to see what I mean

Calling someone with Skype


See how to call someone in your contact list so you can have an audio (voice) conversation, or even a video conversation with them for free, anywhere in the world

When someone calls you with Skype

This video lesson shows you what you see when someone tries calling you for a chat, and how to go from there

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