Basics of Social Networking Sites Audio Course:

How to Connect with People Online & Stay Safe When You Do






45 minutes of valuable information in 8 easy audio lessons


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Total of 1 hour, 15 minutes

Basic concepts of social networking sites explained in Plain English

Tips to help protect your privacy online from the hidden risks


Lessons include:

  1. What Are Social Networking Sites – Brief History and Basic Definitions

  2. Things to Understand & Remember When Signing Up For a Site

  3. Examples of Things You Should Not Share on a Social Networking Site
  4. Hidden Dangers of Social Apps and Games

  5. Suggestions to Protect Your Privacy & Security When Using Social Networking Sites

  6. Who Owns Your Information – Risks of Keeping Personal or Business Information on These Sites

Free bonus lessons include:

  1. Answering Question: Overview of Posting a Profile Photo

  2. More on the Concept of Owning Your Information When You Post It Online

  3. Understanding “Metadata” and How it Relates to Your Privacy (and Potentially Your Personal Security)






6 Quick & Easy Audio Lessons

Plus 3 Free Bonus Tutorials





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