Email Tips & Security Concepts Audio Course:

Understandable, Plain English Explanations of Important Email Tips and Security Advice





7 Quick & Easy Audio Lessons

1 hour, 8 minutes total

Lessons include:

  1. Recognizing and avoiding fake virus scams

  2. Avoiding the “trapped abroad” scam & similar scams

  3. What is the real reason people make and spread viruses and other threats (and how understanding this protects you)

  4. Are faxes obsolete and is newer technology *always* the better option? A few things most people never consider

  5. Figuring out the cause and possible solutions when you have problems getting your email delivered

  6. Dealing with downloaded files you have problems opening

  7. One way to avoid getting duplicate emails when checking an account on multiple devices (desktop & laptop, computer & smartphone, etc.)


7 Quick & Easy Audio Lessons

1 hour, 8 minutes total


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