Easy Audio Course:
Fundamental Computer Concepts Including Operating System & More Explained in Plain English

Understandable, non-technical explanations of fundamental computer concepts that help you understand the basics of how it all works



6 Quick & Easy Audio Lessons

1 hour, 7 minutes


Lessons include:

  1. What is an Operating System or “OS”?

  2. Can a computer run without an OS? (Lesson dovetails with preceding lesson)

  3. Why does a computer have to restart after installing updates?

  4. Understanding hardware vs. software, and a more of a look “under the hood” of how the computer works

  5. Understanding different computer types including Apple Mac vs.
    Microsoft Windows PCs. What are the pros and cons, and which is the best one for most people?

  6. What is Ubuntu (what is Linux) and understanding the benefits of “open source software” including saving hundreds of dollars over commercial software




6 Quick & Easy Audio Lessons

1 hour, 7 minutes




Many of you are computer beginners, but don’t worry!

If you need any help getting started after your order, just let us know and we’ll help you out