Internet Tips & Security Advice Audio Course:

Understandable, Plain English explanations of several important Internet security concepts





6 Quick & Easy Audio Lessons

1 hour, 5 minutes total

Easy audio lesson format answering common computer questions about wireless Internet security, password tips, and more


Lessons include:

  1. Tips on staying safe by choosing the right passwords

  2. What to do if you lose your password for a website or other account

  3. Answering questions on public wireless (WiFi) security

  4. More on whether using WiFi is secure (overlaps with but adds to & reinforces previous lesson)

  5. More on WiFi vs 3G (cellphone) wireless, including mobile devices like the Kindle

  6. Understanding some of the risks of uploading personal information online – not so much in terms of privacy, but in terms of owning your own data (including photographs, writing, etc.)



6 Quick & Easy Audio Lessons

1 hour, 5 minutes total


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Many of you are computer beginners, but don’t worry!

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