Online Safety and Privacy Tips Course:

Understandable, Plain English explanations and advice about several important online safety and privacy concepts





5 Quick & Easy Audio Lessons

Plus 1 Easy Video Lesson

1 hour, 14 minutes including bonus tutorial

Easy audio lesson format answering common computer questions including an overview of computer security, avoiding a hidden and increasingly common online privacy & security blunder, and more

Easy Audio Lessons Including:

  1. Introduction & overview to computer security

  2. Picking the right antivirus or Internet security software

  3. Has your computer been hijacked?

  4. Understanding the hidden privacy & personal security risks of posting your photos online

  5. Why Backing up is crucial, and hidden costs and disadvantages of backing up online

  6. includes many more tips and plain-language advice

Free Bonus Video Lesson

  1. Step-by-step video lesson helps you understand what a dangerous Trojan is (which is not the same as a virus) and shows you common tricks online criminals use to trick you into infecting your Windows OR Mac computer. 

    A video with valuable information that protects you.



5 Quick & Easy Audio Lessons

1 FREE Bonus Video Lesson

1 hour, 14 minutes total


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Many of you are computer beginners, but that’s OK!


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