Troubleshooting & Avoiding Common Computer Problems Audio Course:

Plain English advice that can save you time and money when computers & electronics go wrong




9 Quick & Easy Audio Lessons

1 hour, 12 minutes

Basic “troubleshooting” tips to help you figure out on your own where the problem is instead of wasting time on hold or standing around in a repair shop, or paying someone $100 or more to do what you could easily do yourself with just a little knowledge

Easy audio lesson format answering not only what to do when things go wrong, but what to do to avoid problems in the first place saving time and money

Lessons include:

  1. What to do if a liquid is spilled on your keyboard or other electronics (and what you must never do!)

  2. What to do if your computer is shutting off suddenly

  3. Possible reasons your computer might freeze, and suggestions on what to try if it happens

  4. Figuring out if it’s your Internet connection that’s slow, or if the computer itself is the problem

  5. Problems with turning the computer on – what to do if you only hear error tones

  6. What to do if you have computer problems and no “restore disc”

  7. Tips on how to back up to an external hard drive

  8. Undoing computer mistakes & using “versioned files” to protect yourself

  9. Understanding how storms and other electrical power surges can damage your computer & other electronics — including hidden dangers most people miss



9 Quick & Easy Audio Lessons

1 hour, 12 minutes


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Many of you are computer beginners, but don’t worry!

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