What is WiFi and Other Common Wireless Internet Questions Answered in Plain English:



9 Quick & Easy Audio Lessons

1 hour, 9 minutes total

Plain English explanation of basic wireless computer terms including WiFi, Bluetooth, and more in an easy question and answer lesson format

Lessons include:

  1. What is the difference between WiFi and Bluetooth?

  2. Can you connect to WiFi without a router?

  3. What is encryption?

  4. Understanding the meaning of  “port forwarding”

  5. Understanding different broadband options, including rural areas

  6. Do all computers and devices have WiFi?

  7. Does a computer need special software to connect to WiFi & how expensive is it?

  8. What is the cost of going online through your smartphone? Is it free when you use WiFi or not?

  9. Will an iPad other tablet computer work on any wireless network?

  10. and more…


9 Quick & Easy Audio Lessons

1 hour, 9 minutes total



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