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How to Send BitSeeds, Bitcoin, or Any Cryptocurrency


This video lesson shows you the steps to send BitSeeds, or a similar digital currency such as Bitcoin, to someone else.  You’ll need to know the recipient’s payment address and it helps for you to type in a label so you can look back later and know who you sent the money to or what the payment was for.

Watch the steps and keep in mind they’re pretty similar with any cryptocurrency.


How to Download BitSeeds Altcoin Wallet

This video in the series shows you how to download the BitSeeds “wallet” application, which is a program you use to send, receive, or  hold onto so you can gain interest.

Watch the first video in the How to Use BitSeeds course if you missed it.

Introducing Bitseeds, the Rainforest Foundation’s Cryptocurrency

Announcing the BitSeeds course, sponsored by The Rainforest Foundation. BitSeeds is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin but was created for the purpose of funding reforestation.

I’ve recorded over a dozen tutorials creating a complete intro course for cryptocurrency wallet applications – everything I teach you about the BitSeeds wallet software applies to Bitcoin and others so you get to learn this important and rapidly emerging new technology.

Watch the video and leave your comments below. [Click for full post]