“A Quick and Easy Method to Become More Confident & Empowered With Your Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows PC”

“Makes Computers Easy

Audio Courses for Both Mac & Windows

Peter Leach
Student from Montcuq, France
“The lessons are superb and so easy to understand – what a find!!”
With your lessons however, actually seeing things done on the screen in front of you was a eye opening experience which I wish I had had when I first started. I have nothing but praise for you and your method. Thank you again for opening my eyes!”
Teresa Welsh
Student from Olympia, Washington, USA
“Dear Worth, Let me first say that I received my courses and let me tell you how much I like your lessons!
What I like the most is that I can actually follow what you are doing by opening the same programs on my computer and following along step by step. That is really cool!
When I first purchased my computer, I bought a Professor Teaches computer tutorial… your lessons are a vast improvement in my opinion.Plus your lessons are extremely informative as to the whys and whens I would want to do things.
One last thing is when I first started watching the lessons I thought I knew certain lessons already, but I thought I’d watch them anyways, and I learned something important or beneficial that I had NOT known before!
I picked up several tips and FYI’s even in the areas I thought I had down pretty good! (that’s what I get for thinking! ha ha!)
And that’s REALLY COOL!
Tom Dilulo
Student from Mohnton, Pennsylvania, USA
I have been listening and watching your lessons and I think they are fantastic.
I can’t wait to get your e-mails to learn something new. I have both of the computer courses you sent me but is there any others you have to offer?
Thank you for putting this program together, it the only lessons I have ever listened to that I can actually say I understand!

How to Learn Computers the Easy Way: Simple Audio & Video Lesson Courses Learn Easily At Your Own Pace and Avoid the Frustration of Inconvenient Classes and Costly Consultants:


  • Understandable, Plain English explanations that actually make sense

  • Comfortable, relaxed way to learn with no pressure and at your own pace

  • Easy Video lessons let you see each step & watch each click of the mouse

  • Finally feel comfortable using your computer – Worth’s friendly, personable, and Plain English approach just makes computers easy

  • Watch these quick, easy computer training courses as many times as you want, whenever you want and never pay another dime — unlike hiring computer consultants, or paying for classes

  • All easy video lessons are 30 minutes or less and are focused on one topic (or closely related topics) because medical science has proven this is the best way to learn

  • These lessons give you not just the step-by-step instructions, but also simple explanations that make all the difference

  • Study these quick, easy computer training courses as many times as you want, whenever you want and never pay another dime — unlike hiring computer consultants, or paying for classes!

  • Enjoy the freedom to learn at the time of day that is best for you instead of being forced to learn when you’re not at your best:

    science has shown us that everybody has their own “internal clock” and some of us are wired to learn best in the morning, some people in the afternoon, and others at night

  • You can use these lessons at the time that works best for YOU so you get more out of the lessons

  • Quick, easy lessons on one topic — one of the biggest mistakes I see people making is hiring a computer consultant or tutor for a 2-3 hour block and try to cram as much into a lesson as possible.

    People think they’re doing this to save money, but they’re actually wasting money because scientific studies have proven people learn best in short 30 minute lessons, with a break between lessons.

  • Works for both “linear learners” and “non-linear” learners — people tend to come in two types: either they want to learn in a linear 1,2,3 way, or they are the opposite and can only learn by jumping around to topics of interest.

    These easy computer lessons are designed to work for both types of people. While they are grouped in a suggested order, you can jump ahead or go back at will

Audio Courses for Both Mac & Windows