iPhoto Basics Module 1:











Overview & intro to iPhoto

iPhoto is a program that comes with all Macs, and allows you to get photos from your phone or digital camera onto your computer, easily copy the photos onto the computer, then change or fix them, share them, and more.

This lesson gives an overview and introduction to iPhoto Overall, the program is still very similar in how it works compared to the last couple of versions of the program, but introduces a number of new features, including facial recognition





Intro to iPhoto (Older versions)

This lesson gives a basic overview and quick intro to the older version of iPhoto 6 for those who have an earlier version





Getting oriented in iPhoto

In this lesson I give you a general overview of the main iPhoto window. You’ll see the basics of how to navigate around and find your photos.







Importing photos into iPhoto

This lesson shows you what happens when you hook your digital camera up and import photos into iPhoto. Importing is the process of copying photos from your camera to the computer.





How to make some basic changes to your photos

Learn the basics of how to edit your photos, fixing problems and improving or making them more the way you like. I also show you how to bail yourself out of any unwanted changes you might make, freeing you to really have fun and play around without worrying you’re going to mess your pictures up.







Getting rid of red eye

See how to remove red eye from pictures — where a normal person looks like they have glowing red eyes, which used to run what would’ve been great pictures.

Now you can get rid of it with a click or two. Plus I show you a way you can use the same tool to make some fun changes to a picture that are a little different than just getting rid of red eye.





How to automatically enhance your photos with a single click

This lesson shows you how to use the iPhoto enhance tool, which can fix many common problems with otherwise great photos that were ruined by bad lighting or colors that didn’t come out right.

I also show you what to do if you’re trying to edit a photo but some of the buttons seem to be missing.








How to use the adjust tool

This lesson shows you the basics of using the adjust tool in iPhoto. The adjust tool includes a number of tools for making changes to the color, the brightness, and other elements of your pictures.

It is more advanced than some of the other photo editing tools in iPhoto, and gives you more control over the changes you’re making.









How to use the retouch tool

This simple iPhoto tool lets you “airbrush” out imperfections in pictures including those annoying power lines that get into the perfect shot, or even magically reduce or erase crows feet or skin problems, so your pictures come out better than real life.


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iPhoto Basics Module 2:









iPhoto albums

This lesson shows you how to create “photo albums” in iPhoto which can be used just to organize your photos or as a starting point for other projects








Printing photos with iPhoto

This lesson shows you how you can print out your photos with a number of different options including multiple photos per page.







Burning a photo CD

How to burn a photo CD so you can make backup copies of your photos, or share them with other people.





Using photo effects

How to use the photo effects to apply any of several preset “effects” to your photos, including black & white, vignette, and more.







Make your own professionally bound book of photos

How to design and publish your own customized and personal book of photos chosen from your iPhoto library. Design it and order it through iPhoto — makes a great gift, or good conversation starter on your coffee table.


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