How to Use Picasa

Picasa is a free program that allows you to copy the pictures off a digital camera or phone to your computer, organize the pictures on your drive, make changes to them, share them, and more.








How to download & install Google’s free Picasa Photo Software

This lesson shows you how to download and install the new version of Picasa, the photo editing and sharing program made by Google.

Click here when you’re ready to download the free Picasa from Google

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Overview & intro to Picasa

This lesson gives an overview and introduction to the current version of Picasa. Overall, the program is still very similar in how it works compared to the last version of the program




Running Picasa for the first time

I show you what will happen the first time you run Picasa.





Importing photos from your digital camera into Picasa

In this lesson I walk you through how to import photos from your camera into Picasa. Importing is the process of copying photos from the camera to the computer.

If you’re importing them from an iPhone or Android phone you won’t be using Picasa to import the photos; it will find them automatically once they’re on the computer




Using Picasa’s “Basic Fixes”

In this lesson I give you an overview of the “basic fixes” that you can make to pictures. These are some of the different things you can do to to change or improve your photos, including straightening crooked pictures, making them brighter or darker, etc.


How to fix “red eye” with Picasa



I show you how to get rid of the red eye effect that happens when you take pictures sometimes — where a person’s eyes seem to glow red. This tool lets you get rid of the red glowing eyes with a couple of clicks, without affecting the rest of the picture. It also can be used for another interesting effect that the designers didn’t plan on, but which can be kind of fun and interesting to play with.





How to use a scanner to scan photos with Picasa

I’ve had a number of requests for lessons on how to scan photos with a scanner. There are many makes and models of scanners on the market, and each one comes with a different program for scanning. Unfortunately not all versions of Windows include a “built in” program for scanning, so most people end up using the software which comes with their scanner when they buy it.

Since it obviously doesn’t make sense to try to go out and buy every make and model scanner on the market, install each different scanning program that comes with those scanners, and do a lesson on each one, I did one better: this lesson shows you how to use Picasa to scan your photos.

This should work with all or most scanners on the market, and the basic steps are similar to the program that came with your scanner. I also make comments throughout that compare the similarites & differences between scanning with Picasa and with other programs, so the lesson should help with other scanning software too.


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Using Picasa photo effects

Learn how to make changes to your photos by adding photo effects including sharpen, soft focus, tint, and more. These allow you to make some creative changes to your photos for fun or for artistic effect.




Emailing photos from Picasa

This lesson shows you how to use Picasa to easily resize your photos so they’re a good size for sending via email, and automatically open your email program, create a new message, and attach the photos to the message.

Saves a few steps and saves time over manually resizing photos and manually attaching them (things many people don’t know how to do in the first place).



Printing photos from Picasa

This lesson shows you how to print your photos with various options, including multiple photos per page.




Getting a free Google account

Before using the Picasa Web Albums service, you need to sign up for a Google account (Google created the Picasa software and they offer the Web service too).

It’s free, and can be used for a variety of services and programs they offer; not just Picasa Web Albums.

Click here to go to the account management page for Google




Activating the Picasa Web Albums

After you’ve created your Google account, you can then go and activate the Picasa Web Albums.

Click here to go to the web page to do this.

Once you’ve done this step, you can start sharing your photos online for free.



Uploading photos to the Web using the free Picasa

Now that you have a Google account and have activated the Picasa Web Albums, you can start uploading photos using Picasa.




Viewing your photos online & sharing them with friends & family

Once you’ve uploaded your photos, you can view them online and can send the address to people by email to share them.


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