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Kindle eBook Reader

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Understanding Computer Terms
‘eBook’ and ‘Kindle’

What are eBooks and what is Kindle.
“Kindle” refers to both a physical ebook reader device, as well as ebook reader programs available for your computer, as well as an Apple iPhone or iPad.

In this lesson and the ones below, I help you understand what all of this means, and how it can help you enjoy great books (sometimes whole collections of books) for as little as 99 cents






How to Download and Install the Free
Kindle For PC

How to download the free Kindle eBook reader program for your computer.

When you have this software installed on your computer, you can use it to read any Kindle ebooks you buy from






A Basic Overview of the Kindle Software

A basic overview of how to use the Kindle Reader software to download newly purchased ebooks and how to read them and navigate through them more quickly and easily than a regular book.

This lesson assumes you have already purchased at least one ebook, but you can easily watch the lesson without having done so Basics




How to Create a Free Account on Amazon

Before you can order anything from you need to have an account. The account can also be used for other things, such as rating and giving feedback about the products available on the site.





How to Find and Order Kindle eBooks From Amazon

In this lesson I demonstrate the basics of how to find and order any of the hundreds of thousands of Kindle ebooks available on Amazon.





How to Complete an Order on Amazon

In this lesson I step you through the process of placing an order on Amazon — I cover both ordering a regular product which is shipped to you, as well as an ebook which is delivered electronically straight to a Kindle device or the Kindle software on your iPhone, iPad, or computer.

This includes correctly entering your credit card, address, and other information, as well as selecting shipping method, etc. I also mention at least one tip that can help you avoid a common problem some people run into when checking out on Amazon or any other website.




Using Amazon Wish Lists to Make Giving the Right Gifts Easier

A common problem people have around the holidays, birthdays, and other times when we give gifts is choosing a gift which someone will enjoy, and avoiding giving a gift that person already has.

Amazon and other online retailers have solved this problem with their online gift registries. Personally, I’m pretty good at picking gifts for most people, but some people are just a nightmare to buy gifts for. Unless they have an online wish list, then, problem solved!

This lesson shows you Amazon’s wish lists, but the same basic idea applies to most sites which do this.




Creating Your Own Amazon Wish List to Help Others Give You Gifts You Actually Want

Now you know how to find someone else’s wish list and that helps you buy them something, but what if you want to help people shopping for you? This video shows you the steps to create a wish list and add items you want to it on Amazon.