Understanding & Using RSS (Real Simple Syndication)




RSS Lessons



What is RSS and Why Use It?

This video explains what the computer term “RSS” means, and gives you a few ideas about how you might find it to be very useful, especially if you are interested in an easy and effective way of keeping up-to-date on current news & other information.


How to Download & Install the Free RSS Reader “FeedDemon”

How to download FeedDemon, a free RSS feed reader.

An RSS feed reader is a special program designed to let you organize and read all of the RSS feeds you’ve subscribed to, all in one place.

FeedDemon is considered to be one of the best RSS feed readers available for Windows, and includes a number of useful features, many of which I’ll be covering in these lessons.


Opening FeedDemon For the First Time

What to expect when opening FeedDemon for the first time, including suggested initial settings that will help you get the most out of using it.


Overview of Using FeedDemon

A basic overview and walkthrough of FeedDemon, including subscribing to feeds, keeping them organized to make things easier, a couple of suggested settings, and more.



Subscribing to an RSS Feed Directly From a Web Page

How to easily subscribe to an RSS feed when you find one on a website, and how to make sure the feed ends up listed in FeedDemon.


How to Get a Free Google Account

A number of times in these lessons I mention how I recommend signing up for a free Google account to get the most out of using RSS. A Google account gives you access to not only the Google Reader, but a lot other services, including many useful ones I teach about.

This lesson shows you the quick and easy steps to creating a Google account.

Click here to go to the account management page for Google, where you can get create an account if you need to.


Safari’s Reader View

With Safari version 5, Apple introduced the “Reader View” feature which gives you a very clean, easy to read view of many websites, and can be a nice way to read the articles or information you’re finding through RSS feeds you’re subscribed to.

In this lesson I give you a quick look at this easy, convenient feature which is pretty much unique to Safari.