Microsoft Windows Basics Course Module 1:

Computer Terms & Concepts





Understanding and Seeing the Difference Between RAM (Memory) and Hard Drive

This video lesson shows you what two of the most important parts of your computer look like, and helps you understand what they do for you every time you use the computer.



How to Better Understand Hard Drives

What is ‘formatting’ or ‘erasing’, and one reason why hard drives seem to end up with less space than you paid for.

In this lesson I explain a couple of common computer terms and help you better understand your hard drive (the part of the computer where all of your files are stored).

A common point of confusion is why is it that hard drives never seem to have as much room as they say on the box — this lesson will help clear up that mystery.



Computer Dictionary – CPU

In this video I explain in simple terms what a CPU is, and give you some tips to help you chose whether you need a high-end or more “average” speed computer when purchasing your next system, based on how you use the computer.

I also help you understand why it is that a computer that is high end one year, can seem slow and underpowered just a few years later.



Understanding Computer Speed and What’s Slowing Down Your Computer

This lesson helps you understand in a non-technical way some of the different things that affect the speed of your computer.

Once you understand the basic ideas I explain in this video, you’ll have a better understanding of not just where the computer is slowing down, but also whether it’s actually your computer that’s slow, or if it’s your Internet connection.

Understanding these things can help you know where to start in fixing the problem, or avoiding it in the first place.



Understanding the Computer Term “OS” or”Operating System”

In this video lesson I explain to you the term “operating system”, which few people understand very well, if at all.

I’ll explain it in a way that actually makes sense, and which anyone can relate to.



Understanding the Term Driver

You’ve probably heard someone use the term “driver”, but never completely understood what it meant. Watch this video to finally understand this important computer term.