Microsoft Windows Basics Course Module 3:
Basics of Files & Folders






Understanding Files and Folders

This lesson is a Plain English explanation of exactly what a file is and what a folder is, and why you use them.

A lot of people get the two terms confused, and others don’t really understand either of them. But that’s OK, you will understand them once you’ve watched this lesson.



Making folders to organize your files

This lesson shows you how you can create different folders to easily keep your different files more organized and easier to find.



Renaming a file or folder

How to rename a file or folder — makes it easier to recognize a file by its name instead of guessing what it is or having to open it each time to find out.



How to clean up your desktop

In this lesson I show you a very useful thing to do, which is to keep your desktop clean and organize your files. People tend to have very cluttered desktops, and aside from making it hard to find things, it can slow down your computer.



Using Undo When Working With Files & Folders

It’s not uncommon for someone, whether they are a basic or a more advanced computer user, to slip up and make a mistake when working with files and folders. This lesson shares a valuable, and very easy technique to “undo” the last thing you did so you can recover from a mistake.



Seeing the Layout and Organization of Your Computer’s Hard Drive

Understanding how your computer’s hard drive is structured can help you keep your computer more organized and help you find things when you need them. This lesson shows you a few things about how to navigate your hard drive and its contents.

Note: Every computer is set up a little differently, so you may not see the exact same folders listed on one computer when compared to another. This changes for various reasons, including which version of Windows you are running.



Understanding and using “shortcuts” in Windows

Shortcuts are a very common thing in Windows, yet a lot of people don’t understand them or know how to use them. This lesson explains what they are and how to use them to save time and effort on your computer by setting it up to be convenient for you.

Also has an important tip on what files are, and what files aren’t safe to delete or move around