Microsoft Windows Basics Course Module 4:
Basics of Menus, Buttons & Program Windows






Basic Concepts: Menus

In this lesson I demonstrate some basic concepts about how menus work, show you how to avoid a common mistake I see people making when using menus, and more.This lesson also reveals a few secrets that nobody else teaches which make learning the computer much easier.



Using the All Programs menu

Using the All Programs menu in the Start Menu to locate the programs installed on your computer.



Understanding the “Title Bar” and The 3 Title Bar Buttons

Understanding the title bar, an important part of most the windows of the different programs you use.Note: while Windows Vista & Windows 7 have a different “look”, these buttons work just the same way



Understanding “Multitasking” and Using Multiple Windows

A lot of people don’t use their computer to even close to it’s full capabilities, including missing out on fundamentals which can make it more easy and efficient to use. This video introduces you to the concepts you need to understand, while the following lesson shows you the steps.



How to Use Multiple Windows

Following from the previous video, this lesson demonstrates how to use multiple windows to make using the computer more efficient and easy



Resizing Windows

I find a lot of people do not realize they can resize and move the windows on their screen, such as the window you are reading this in right now. Watch this video lesson to see how to easily change the size and shape of just about any window on your computer’s screen.