Microsoft Windows Basics Course Module 5:
Basics of Working With Written Documents






An introduction to basic editing skills

This lesson teaches fundamental computer skills that can make your life easier, save you time, and transforms your computer from an overpriced typewriter into a tool for making writing easier.



More Easy Editing Tips

This lesson gives you a number of useful tips for editing text documents such as emails, word processing documents, and more.

See how to save time by avoiding a common time-wasting mistake I see people make all the time, watch the steps to using the keyboard alongside the mouse to be more efficient and precise when fixing mistakes, and understand how to navigate through long documents more quickly and easily



The Importance of Multiple Drafts

Most people work on documents (no matter how long, or how often they revise it) and keep saving again and again to the same file.

In this lesson I’ll explain why this can be a mistake, and show you a simple system for saving multiple drafts of a document so you can avoid a common problem the usual way of doing things often causes